10 Thoughts On Why TNA vs WWE Didn’t Last

Over five months ago, I’ve tried a twist on an existing feature that Inside Pulse Wrestling offers you a few times a week.  10 Thoughts is a feature that allows the author to give you, the reader, 10 random comments about a recent wrestling show.  This time around, myself and anyone else that wants to contribute will expand 10 Thoughts to cover anything wrestling related.  Sometimes, I might do something to joke around, like the first one I did that is linked earlier in this introductory paragraph.  Other times, I might do 10 Thoughts on a column from this site.

Enough with the introductions. You know me and you know the feature.  It’s time for 10 Thoughts with Paul Marshall!

This week: 10 Thoughts On Why TNA v. WWE didn’t Last

1. Just because it worked the first time with WCW doesn’t mean it’s going to work again in 2010.
2. Are there still Hulk Hogan fans that still watch wrestling?
3. Not enough promotion.  Spike TV can only do so much.
4. Quick. Name five TNA stars.  Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam.  Didn’t they wrestle in WWE?  Who’s AJ Styles, Jay Lethal, Robert Roode, James Storm, Eric Young – I can go on and on.  Who are we supposed to feature here  – WWE rejects?
5. When your first live show features 2 old men bleeding all over each other, you gotta wonder why they do what they do.
6. Because feuding over Hall of Fame Rings is just as stupid as Triple H screwing Katie Vick.
7. TNA picked the wrong time of the year to even THINK about going against the WWE.
8.  Nasty Boys? Bubba the Love Sponge? Sean Waltman, Scott Hall - relevant in 2010? I don’t think so.
8a. At least TNA got rid of the Nasty Boys and Bubba. Too little too late in my opinion.
9.  Every freaking show on Mondays featured Hulk Hogan in some fashion and the focus was on HIM.
10. Spike TV and TNA executives didn’t think the entire plan through and they went back to their old timeslot in a few weeks anyway.

Agree? Disagree? Have more thoughts to share about this subject?  Voice your opinions in the comments below.  Also if you have any suggestions on possible 10 Thoughts topics, let me know as well!

Paul Marshall has been with Pulse Wrestling since September 2007 as a recapper and part-time columnist. Paul currently recaps WWE Monday Night RAW and also does a weekly 10 Thoughts feature. He can be reached at pmarshall[at]insidepulse[dot]com or you can follow him on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/pulsepaul/

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