The Daily Review: Marvel's The Thanos Imperative #1 by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Oh hell yeah! It’s finally here!

Summary: A hole into an evil Cthulu-Cancer-Universe where life won and nothing dies opened at the end of War of Kings and now, at the end of The Ignition one-shot Adam Magus blasted the fault into that universe open, signaling a full scale invasion of Cthulu Monsters and possessed earth Heroes lead by Captain Mar-Vell (who ironically died of Cancer in our universe). So now, Nova, the Kree and the Shi’ar are going to battle on the front lines of the fault with an over-populated universe, while they kidnapped the recently revived Namorita. Meanwhile, Thanos, the avatar of death in our universe, is the only thing that can stop this invasion. The Guardians of the Galaxy figure this out and break into two teams- one to help with the invasion and one to go and keep an eye on Thanos. The best moment of the issue is when Thanos thanks Drax (in his old purple regalia again) for killing him, and Moondragon, because Thanos killed Phylla, her love, hates everything about this mission. Rockett Raccoon stopping Thanos using an insane mech is pretty cool, as well.

Thoughts: Alright, if you like big crazy epic moments, this is for you. We have The Imperial Guard vs. Cthulu creatures, possessed Avengers vs. Nova and Quasar, Mar-Vell hatching a plan, a Thanos and Star-Lord counter-plan, Silver Surfer looking on, ready to intervene, a ton of great character moments… and a raccoon in an effin’ mech. If you’ve been reading since Annihilation, this is the perfect culmination, and if not, then this is a fine place to jump on with the handy recap page and everything being so big and fun.

Rating: 9/10 – This is the best first issue of an event comic since Annihilation, which was my favorite event ever. The tone is perfectly in tune with that crossover, so this has me beyond excited. Go get it!

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