This Week on the Forums: Favorite Super Power

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Welcome back to my little column.  So this is a little late again because I wanted to let my question of the week have a little more time to get some responses due to people having something called a “life” during this past holiday weekend.  Well those couple of extra days was all it took for the posts to turn into invisirape.  We’ll get to that in a moment though.   So two character’s that popped up more than once were Nightcrawler’s teleportation and Firestorm’s…well everything. 

So from Dhaise we had my favorite comment about Firestorm:

“Firestorm’s powerset, hands down.
Flight, Intangibility, and Matter Manipulation – along with really cool sleeves and a matchstick for a head.”


And from Wolverine0712 on Nightcrawler’s:

“Nightcrawler – Teleportation would be good for saving money on gas. Plus the smell would be fun for people you don’t like.”


Does Nightcrawler’s brimstone smell when he teleports even come up anymore?  Plus, there was one of the most insightful posts on superpowers that I have ever read by Koh, but I’m going to make you guys actually go read the thread for that one.  I can’t put all the best stuff in here without making you go read the actual forums can I? 

Now I mentioned something called invisirape.  Let me explain how things usually are on the forums.  Things tend to go…off after time and this is a fine example of that.  From the beloved AFN, when talking about Sue Storm’s powers:

“Maybe she has a power ring and we just can’t see it!

With the powers her and Reed have, the sex must be CRAZY. Invisidos… She really does not need a man, does she? He had to have those powers to be of any use to her.

Holy crap…. She is worse than Spot, she can invisirape anyone!

Oddly I had something to add to the conversation, then all this just started spouting out of my mouth.”

Yeah this happens…ALOT.  I find it hilarious how some innocent conversation can get turned into invisirape.  This is not a shot against AFN; I love this stuff and I can rely on the forums to always make me laugh.  For those of you in the know…The Lack of a Page 2 thread is some of the funniest stuff on the site.  For those not in the know you should go find it.  You can find the whole super powers thread here.

We have also reached the final battle in the Avengers tournament.  It comes down to The Warriors 8 put togther by Babos and Earth’s Nuttiest Heroes put together by Beadle.  The early voting off can be found here.

As always go check out all our comic book talk back on all our favorite or not so favorite series.  Until next week-ish, I hope to see all of you on the forums.