Disney's Guilty Party Release Date Announced for Nintendo Wii; Trailer Included

Created by Wideload Games, Disney Interactive Studios’ Chicago development studio, Disney Guilty Party tells the thrilling tale of the Dickens Detective Agency as they solve crimes set in motion by the master criminal known as Mr. Valentine. Up to four players can solve crimes all over the world to unlock the secrets of Mr. Valentine’s grand scheme as the Wii Remote is transformed into classic detective tools, such as a magnifying glass, flashlight, lock-pick, fingerprint kit, and more. Players then discuss and piece together the clues in their detective notebooks to deduce the identity of the culprit and crack the case. Once the mysteries are solved, players can play again with a new set of clues, suspects and mini-games with a different experience every time.

Disney’s Guilty Party will be in stores on August 31.

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