Marvel Family revitalization begins with Titans #24?

DC has posted a preview of Titans #24 with Osiris front and center.

Writer Eric Wallace promises that:

Osiris’s destiny is closely intertwined with that of Deathstroke and these all-new Titans. As readers will see starting in Titans #24 & #25, the choices Osiris is confronted with and the resulting decisions he ultimately makes will change his destiny forever. It’s the beginning of a very intense journey for the character, one that may shock people. And it will have tremendous implications for the entire Marvel family.”

Osiris vs. the Teen Titans

For more, visit here and check out the 2 remaining teaser pages.

Titans #24 hits stores June 9th with the following cover:

Titans #24 cover

The issue’s solicitation can be found here.

Will Titans #24 be the beginning of many a bright day for Marvel Family and Deathtroke fans or will this be another in a long series of black nights? This certainly doesn’t look like any “Titans” book I’ve read.

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