The Real Housewives of New York City – Episode 3-14

What a season! I remember being so thrown off by the new group dynamics and alliances. And while this season hasn’t been short on drama (“We’re done!”), hilarity (Ramona runway walk), or lunacy (“AL SHARPTON!”), something’s missing. It was just too much.

I wish for some of the calmer  times. You know it’s bad when you remember Ramona storming out of dinner parties with fondness. But no worries, we have Bethenny Getting Married? as a refreshing palate cleanser to the season of gross. Bring on baby Bryn!

Jill and Bethenny meet for lunch to talk things over. Jill is desperate to fix things, Bethenny’s over it. Too little, too late, and even latkes can’t fix that.

At LuAnn’s CD launch party, my love for Sonja grows exponentially. She was the hint of raspberry in the otherwise bitter season of dark chocolate. I thought she’d stayed above the mess by keeping her mouth shut, but it turns out she actually has a backbone. She actually is a whirlwind of fun, sex, and joy who actually manages to get her point across when needed. LOVE HER. Best casting decision since B.

It’s finally time for Ramona’s renewal ceremony! Don’t judge, but I got misty when Ramona and Avery stood in front of the mirror together. And those vows! Ramona’s wacky but her family moments are adorable. The event goes off without a hitch, and it’s business as usual: Sonja looks hot, Jill complains, Jen’s entire existence is random, and Kelly is dumb. Bethenny has a great moment where she thanks Alex and Ramona for being supportive. The producers openly mock Kelly and her world of lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows. Does she get it?

And just like that, it’s over. Well, over until the multiple reunions and episodes of lost footage. Sigh. We’ll always have turtle time.

Random Thoughts:

  • Jill negated her sincerity with Bethenny with her treatment of Alex. She’s toxic! I’m going to shut her out and NOT speak to her, even a passing conversation at a friend’s renewal ceremony!
  • Jen Gilbert is a horrific dancer. Did anyone else see her chest  thrusting while LuAnn was singing? Plea to Bravo: Don’t invite her back.
  • Plea to Bravo: Please don’t invite Kelly back. I can’t watch her anymore, I can’t. It’s just too much crazy.