Wrestling Book News – Bruce Hart & Chris Kanyon


Bruce Hart has signed a deal to release an autobiography called Straight From The Hart through ECW Press in 2011. He is the fourth member of the Hart family to do an autobiography, following Bret, Owen’s widow Martha and Diana Hart-Smith, whose book was recalled after Martha threatened to launch a lawsuit over stories contained within it that she could not validate. Bret’s ex-wife Julie has also been talking about doing an autobiography of her own.

Also, Wrestling Reality, a book which Chris Kanyon was working on shortly before his death, will be getting released soon:

Chris Kanyon wrestled for nine years in the WCW and WWE, winning the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship and the WCW/WWE World Tag Team Championship with Diamond Dallas Page. His years of prominence in the WWE were from 2001-2004. After being phased out of the WWE in early 2005, Kanyon, during a match in Ontario, Canada, came out as the worlds first active, openly gay professional wrestler. He made several well-known slogans among wrestling fans, including calling himself the Innovator of Offense and frequently saying Who Better than Kanyon? This book focuses on Kanyons struggles to keep his sexuality a secret from his wrestling peers (which ultimately led to a suicide attempt and severe depression) and the building of a WWE wrestler. He takes readers behind the scenes to look at both the moneymaking machine that is the WWE and its political hierarchy, along with explaining how a wrestler is built from the ground up and potentially brought back down to earth.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 7 June 2010 (subscribe here)