WWE’s Matt Hardy Tweets on Going to TNA, more


Recent Matt Hardy Tweets:

“TURN ON SMACKDOWN NOW!! DON’T MISS IT.. Matthew Moore Hardy is about to be reborn in the WWE.”

On going to TNA:“I’ve been underutilized.. I don’t “need” the WWE, I have nothing to lose”

On Being Ignored in WWE:“But I WILL NOT be ignored anymore-bet on it!”

On whether he prefers the fans to play along: “Deal is-there’s more reality than not on the stuff I’m saying & doing now on TV. Something has to change-either the WWE or me.”

On Vince getting rid of him: “Maybe so-but I’ve got a Twist Of Fate for VKM”

On someone saying his tweets were BS: “U would love to have my life-but u never will. U obviously care enough to read all my tweets but I’ll stop that-BLOCKED! HAHA!”

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.