NFL News: San Diego Chargers Playing Hardball With Holdouts


Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil have told the team they’re not happy with their contracts and the Chargers have said they’re not happy with the players.

Jackson and McNeil have both refused to sign their tender contracts and have been missing from offseason activites.

General Manager AJ Smith said he has sent letters to the players telling them their salary will be cut drastically if they don’t sign their tenders by next week.

Reports in the San Diego Union-Tribune said Jackson’s salary would be cut from $3.26 million to $583,000 and McNeil’s salary would be cut from $3.16 million to $600,000.

The agents for both players have said their players will sit out for some time if the letters were sent, and the thinking is both players are ready to sit out a few regular season games and possibly the entire season.