Possible Cast For Bachelor Pad Leaking Featuring More "Colorful" Personalities From Bachelor and Bachelorette Seasons Past

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ABC’s new Bachelor spin-off series Bachelor Pad looks to have started filming Monday, June 7 in Los Angeles. It will last 15 days with 2 or 3 people being voted out every other day or so. Here is the believed partial cast list with the name of the Bachelor or Bachelorette they were trying to win the heart of in their original season:

Kiptyn Locke (Jillian)
Wes Hayden (Jillian)
Natalie Getz (Jason)
Dave Good (Jillian)
Jessie Sulidis (Jake)
Tenley Molzahn (Jake)
Nikki Kaapke (Jason)
John Hardesty (Jillian)
Juan Barbieri (Jillian)
Gia Allemand (Jake)
Mathue Johnson (Jillian)
Valishia Savagae (Jake)
Elizabeth Kitt (Jake)
Gwen Gioia (Aaron)
Craig McKinnon (Ali)
Jonathan Novak (Ali)
Justin “Rated-R” Rego (Ali)

Credit: RealitySteve.com and Zap2It

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