10 Thoughts on the NXT Rookie Attack That Occurred on WWE RAW

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This week, I’m providing 10 Thoughts on the NXT Rookie attack that occurred on Monday Night RAW. Be forewarned, I’m in a great mood today so that means the comedy factor is around medium. Here we go!

1. If John Cena can withstand handicap matches, gauntlet matches and past sneak attacks, he should be able to handle eight rookies, right?
2. You have eight men gangbanging another wrestler. If anyone in their right mind was backstage in the locker room, they’d come and help out. Am I right?
3. Bryan Danielson allowed Michael Cole to run away. This cannot stand. I demand Michael Cole on a platter.
4. Oh look! The ring is just a plank of plywood. Ummm, we shouldn’t be seeing this, right?
5. I can’t remember the last time something like this happened since Brock Lesnar & Big Show caused the ring to implode. Wait, I’m supposed to say that Vince blowing himself up was actually entertaining? Not when we knew what happened the following week.
6. I can imagine how the creative meeting went earlier in the day. The Rookies being told to create as much chaos as possible and the crew members being told to sell being attacked as if they got shot.
7. Justin Roberts looked like Popeye while being choked. Literally. One eye looked like it was popping out.
8. Looks like Kane has eight more people he can interrogate about his brother’s demise. Wait, he already beat them in an 8-on-1 handicap match. Forget about it.
9. Love him or hate him, CM Punk broke character for a moment to correct the problem, but was kicked out of the ring by Bryan Danielson and company.
10. Tell me that this is the end of the PG era as the attack almost bordered on TV 14 terrority.

Next week, I think I’m going to do 10 Thoughts on the 10 Worst Storylines I’ve Seen. That should be a treat. Catch y’all Monday for RAW!

Paul Marshall has been with Pulse Wrestling since September 2007. He currently does a weekly WWE Column titled "This Week In 'E". Follow him on Twitter here.