Avatar Second-Unit Director To Direct The Final(er) Destination

New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers have hired Steven Quale to direct the upcoming fifth installment in the Final Destination franchise, reports Variety. Naturally, the film will be released in 3D — which makes perfect sense, then, to hire Quale, a longtime protege of James Cameron.

Quale began working with Cameron on the film The Abyss, continuing on to work in various roles on Terminator 2: Judgement Day, True Lies, Titanic and Avatar. Besides serving as second-unit director for Cameron Quale has a history of special effects work.

Eric Heisserer is currently hashing out a script that would continue the series of films about teenagers who are able to escape a catastrophic accident — only to die in equally horrible ways throughout the course of the film.

The Buzz: Though a favorite of mine, I was really disappointed to see producers try and play off the last Final Destination movie as the final installment of the series. A modern day version of Faces of Death if there ever was one, the Final Destination franchise is a series of films that, more so than most others, has the potential to run indefinitely.

Not tied to a single character, the series is pretty much an excuse for special effects companies to dream up new things for audiences to be afraid of. First it was plane crashes, than automobile accidents, than roller coster derailments and finally racetracks. I can only guess what type of innocous event Quale is going to ruin for me forever.

The only thing I hope for in this next Final Destination movie is the return of Tony Todd. His presence was greatly missed the last go-around.

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