LSU Football Coach Thinks Dodgers Won't Sign Zach Lee

Louisiana State University head football coach released a statement stating that Los Angeles Dodgers first round pick Zach Lee won’t be signing with the Dodgers:

“Zach wants to come to LSU, get a degree and play football and baseball for the Tigers. I met with Zach and his parents today and I think that they are looking at LSU as a great opportunity both academically and athletically. Zach is an outstanding student and he’s excited about the college experience.”

The Dodgers have until August 16th to complete a deal with Lee. There was speculation that this pick was made because the Dodgers didn’t want to pay for a first rounder this year; if Lee does not sign, they will receive the 28th overall pick in next years draft. That would make sense, as the other 31 teams didn’t show that they were going to use an early pick on him.

Keith Law is reporting a rumor that Lee wouldn’t sign for $6 million.

Source: LSU Football