McLovin And Dr. Who Join The Cast Of Fright Night

Christopher Mintz-Plasse and David Tennant have joined the cast of director Craig Gillespie’s Fright Night remake, reports Heat Vision.

Mintz-Plasse will play Evil Ed, the nerdy best friend to Anton Yelchin’s Charlie, a teen convinced his next door neighbor is a vampire. Stephen Geoffrey originated the role of Evil Ed in the original 1985 film. No word if Mintz-Plasse will follow Geoffrey’s career trajectory and wind up in gay pornography by 2015.

David Tennant, whose attempt at breaking into American television (the former star of BBC’s Doctor Who) was shot down after his pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was failed to be picked up, will take on the role of Peter Vincent (the late night horror host originated by Roddy McDowall).

Instead of a horror host, though, Tennant’s Vincent will be a Las Vegas magician — mirroring the film’s change from the original’s California setting to the city of Las Vegas in the remake.

The two join a cast that includes Colin Farrell as the film’s vampire and Toni Collette, who will play Charlie Brewster’s mother.

The Buzz: Color me surprised. While I loved Mintz-Plasse’s role in Superbad, I honestly did not believe that he would have a real career in Hollywood as he tried to move beyond his breakout role. After a string of successful supporting character roles, though, he’s seems to be a perfect choice to utter the lines, “You’re so Cool, Brewster!” Similarly, Tennant, while not my first choice for the role, is a choice that I just can’t argue with.

With a top-notch cast and director on board, Dreamworks’ remake of Fright Night is turning out to be a anticipation-worthy remake that threatens to break through its unnecessariness.

I can’t wait to see what the cast and crew of the new Fright Night have cooked up for audiences (especially if it means we’ll finally get a reissuing of Fright Night 2 on DVD).

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