One Year in Knoxville – May 23, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell. Caudle advised us that we’d be looking at Jackie Fulton’s injury again and also reminded us of the Mountain Mayhem battle royal with $5,000 going to the winner. Dutch mentioned that he’d thought about entering the battle royal before Caudle sent us to interviews with some of the participants.

The Dirty White Boy was up first. He said that when he won he would give the money to Ron Wright to get the iron lung he needed, since the fans didn’t care about Mr. Wright’s well being.

Next was Jimmy Golden. He said he wanted the money because he needed some pocket change.

Tim Horner showed off one of his foam lightning bolts and promised that lightning would strike today.

Buddy Landel said he knew that all of the other competitors would try and jump him from behind. He said his plan was to jog 15 miles and not shower so the others wouldn’t touch him. He’d then just stand back, let the other guys fight, and throw out the last one left.

The Heavenly Bodies came out to answer why they were both in the match. Lane said that they’d entered so they could afford to fly some good-looking women into the area.

Brian Lee said that he was the biggest guy in the match and knew he’d be the primary target. He promised that the Dirty White Boy wouldn’t win and he’d be sure of that.

Dixie Dynomite admitted that he was the smallest guy in the ring, but he might just land one of his Confederate Kicks to win the match.

Danny Davis then said that he and Dixie were the smallest guys in the ring, but they had speed and brains and that would win the match.

Rip Rogers said that USA Today had been talking about the match and he couldn’t wait because he was the pick. He promised to show the world that he was the best.

Doug Furnas promised that something big would happen in the match.

Caudle sent us to commercial and promised that the Mountain Mayhem was up next.

We came back to see Caudle telling us about Fulton’s injury. He said that Jackie had undergone surgery and Bobby was waiting for Jackie to come back before he did battle with the Bodies again.

Caudle then cued video of the injury. We saw Prichard slamming Bobby and then followed with a knee drop. Prichard covered and got a two count. Prichard snapmared Bobby and began cranking on his head. Bobby hit a jawjacker and Prichard fell into his corner to tag Lane in.

Lane whipped Bobby across the ring and ate a kick after telegraphing a backdrop. Prichard tagged in and cut Bobby off. Prichard followed with an atomic drop and a clothesline. Prichard covered for a two.

Prichard pulled Bobby up and got him in a front face lock, then tagged Lane back in. Lane sent Bobby into the corner. Bobby dodged a charge from Lane and tagged in Jackie.

Jackie popped Lane and Prichard. He followed by slamming both of the Bodies, and then dropkicked each of them. Jackie cracked their heads together and whipped Lane, then hit a back elbow for a two count.

Jackie hit a pumphandle slam for a two and headed up top. Jackie hit a shoulderblock and Prichard came in to help. Just like that we had all four men in the ring as Jackie got a sleeper on Lane. Cornette hit the ring and cracked Jackie in the back with his tennis racquet. Lane covered and we had new tag team champions.

Bobby popped Cornette and Lane nailed him with the racquet. Prichard started working Bobby over while Jackie grabbed a belt. Lane took him down and the Bodies began working over Jackie’s knee while Cornette nailed Bobby with the racquet. Lane got Jackie in a figure four while Prichard dropped knees on Jackie’s leg. The Bodies and Cornette took off as other wrestlers hit the ring for the save.

We then went to the ring for Mountain Mayhem.

The ring announcer explained the rules as we saw shots of the wrestlers at ringside. We then found out that the first two competitors were Dixie Dynomite and Rip Rogers.

The bell rang and Rogers attacked as Dixie pulled his cape off. Rogers started choking Dixie with the cape and tried to pitch him over the top rope. Dixie held on and then blocked an attempt by Rogers to slam his head into the turnbuckle before giving a turnbuckle shot to Rogers.

Dixie started choking Rip (to Dutch’s dismay) and then hit a backdrop. Dixie followed with a knee lift and chopped Rogers before trying to pitch him.

Rogers fought back and raked Dixie’s back before landing a thumb to his eye. Dixie dodged a backdrop and got a sunset flip before Rogers tried to pitch Dixie again. Rogers raked his back and Dixie started fighting back.

Dixie raked Rogers’s back as Tom Prichard was announced as entrant number three.

Prichard went after Dixie and sent him into the corner. Prichard and Rogers missed a double clothesline and went down to a cross body. Dixie hit a superkick on Rogers and a dropkick to Prichard. Prichard grabbed Dixie and started trying to pitch him. Rogers held Dixie from behind and then helped Prichard dish out more punishment. Prichard and Rogers took turns dropping elbows and Prichard tried to pitch him. Rogers grabbed Dixie’s leg but they still couldn’t get him out.

Dixie blocked a suplex and took Rogers down only for Prichard to go after him again. Rogers held up a boot and Prichard sent Dixie into the boot as Ben Jordan was announced as number four.

Jordan went right after Rogers and Prichard as Dixie recovered. Dixie popped Rogers and Jordan attacked Prichard in the corner. Prichard gained an advantage on Jordan before saving Rogers.

Rogers and Prichard sent the other two men into each other and tried again only to have the move reversed. Dixie dropkicked Prichard and Jordan telegraphed a backdrop.

Jordan sent Rogers’s head into the turnbuckle while Prichard immobilized Dixie with a nerve hold. Number five was Joey Maggs.

Maggs went right after Prichard. Maggs hit a back elbow and a Prichard kick staggered him. Prichard pitched Jordan and we had our first elimination.

Prichard and Dixie fought as Maggs tried to pitch Rogers. We headed to commercial with more of the match on the way.

We came back to see Dixie down and Rogers and Prichard double-teaming Maggs. Dixie rolled up Rogers as Prichard choked Maggs over the ropes. Number six was announced as Stan Lane.

Lane came in and went after Dixie before joining Prichard in mauling Maggs. The Bodies hit a double back elbow and Rogers tried to whip Dixie into a kick from Lane only to have the move reversed.

Maggs tied Rogers up in the ropes and started kicking him as Prichard battered Dixie. Lane went after Maggs and Rogers just started walking around the ring while letting the Bodies do the work.

Bobby Fulton then hit the ring with a board and attacked both Bodies, running them both out of the ring. Dixie started punching Rogers while Maggs held him and it was announced that the Bodies had been eliminated as DWB hit the ring.

The DWB went after Dixie while Rogers fought Maggs. Maggs and Rogers traded chops while the DWB tried to pitch Dixie.

Rogers went after Dixie while the DWB went after Maggs. Rogers went for a piledriver and had it reversed before Dixie punched him and tried to pitch him. Across the ring, DWB was doing the same to Maggs. Rogers blocked a monkey flip after a whip and the next entrant was Robert Gibson.

Gibson went right after the DWB, leaving Rogers to Dixie and Maggs. Gibson and Dixie backdropped Rogers and Gibson dropped an elbow while Maggs pounded the DWB. Dixie got in a shot and Maggs sent him into the corner. Gibson whipped Rogers and hit a clothesline. Maggs sent DWB into a turnbuckle as Dixie put Rogers and Landel made his entrance.

Landel headed straight to Gibson before we headed to another commercial.

We came back to see that Maggs had been eliminated and then Landel pitched Dixie. DWB, Landel, and Rogers then went after Gibson. Gibson took down DWB and Rogers landed a kick to stop his momentum. Rogers raked Gibson’s stomach while the DWB bit him. The next entrant was Brian Lee.

Lee took down all three men before focusing on Landel. DWB came in to stop him and Landel started punching back. Rogers tried an atomic drop and Lee hit it before throwing Rogers out.

Lee and Gibson then climbed the turnbuckles to start punching their opponents. Landel started fighting against Lee as DWB started getting an advantage on Gibson. Next in was Jimmy Golden.

Golden went after Gibson and stomped him as Landel and DWB switched their attention to Lee. Golden soon went after Lee, leaving Gibson to DWB while Landel jawed with the crowd.

Lee goozled Golden and Landel made the save before joining DWB in trying to pitch Gibson. Next in was Joe Cazana.

Cazana joined the fun with Lee while Golden attacked Gibson and shook hands with Landel. Lee started fighting back and Landel stepped back to watch as we headed to another commercial.

We came back to see Gibson return to the match after going through the ropes. Landel and Golden were working Gibson before Landel changed his attentions to Brian Lee.

Doug Furnas entered and started cleaning house by pitching Cazana. Furnas and Landel started fighting as Gibson went up against DWB.

Lee went after Golden and Furnas drove knees into Landel in the corner. Across the ring Golden tried to pitch Lee.
Furnas made the save as the brawl continued. The bell rang and Paul Orndorff made his entrance. Orndorff attacked Lee and Furnas before focusing on Lee.

DWB held Lee up while Orndorff landed a kick. Orndorff then started fighting Orndorff only for Landel to try and make a save. Orndorff watched the action as Golden tried to pitch Gibson.

Lee saved Gibson and started hammering Orndorff as Furnas punched Landel in the corner. DWB sent Furnas into the turnbuckle and sent him into Orndorff’s boot.

Tim Horner made his entrance and went after Orndorff as Lee tried to pitch Golden.

Lee succeeded and Golden was gone. Orndorff followed up by pitching Gibson.

Lee started choking Orndorff on the ropes before trying to send him over. Landel fought Horner while Furnas paired up with the DWB.

Orndorff hit Lee and then went after Furnas as Barry Horowitz entered the match. Horowitz headed for Furnas before saving Landel from Horner as we went to commercial.

We came back to see Landel trying to tie Furnas up in the ropes. Orndorff and Horowitz double-teamed Horner while the DWB attacked Lee.

Danny Davis made his entrance and went after Horowitz and then Orndorff and DWB. Landel pitched DWB and Furnas (who were trying to eliminate each other).

Landel then pulled out powder and threw it in Horner’s eyes before attacking Lee. Orndorff gave Davis a piledriver and Lee pitched Horowitz.

DWB came onto the apron to pull Lee out as Landel was also eliminated. Landel, however, slipped back into the ring before the referee saw. Davis, who was injured by the piledriver, rolled out of the ring.

Lee took Orndorff with him and then Landel pitched Horner to win the match.

Landel proudly accepted the check and we headed to our final commercial break.

We came back to find Horner with Caudle and Bob Armstrong at the commentary booth. Horner protested how he’d been robbed of the battle royal win. Horner promised that he could beat Landel and asked Armstrong what he would do.

Armstrong explained that the ref’s decision was final, but he set up a match between Horner and Landel for next week with the prize money on the line.

Caudle closed the show by mentioning that Horner had been cheated. Caudle announced that we’d see the rematch as well as Volunteer Slam highlights next week before saying goodbye for another week.

One another note – to make up for the computer problems that have plagued me over the last few weeks, I’ll be putting out two reviews a week until we get caught back up. The second one for this week will be the missing March 28 show. I’ll be backdating it to keep the archives lined up like they should be, so just check the archives on Sunday and take a look!

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