Spoiler Warnings: What's the deal with the kids in Avengers Academy #1?

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So after being introduced to the characters that we were treated to concept art of a few months ago, we’ve finally met them first hand.

What’s the origin?

Norman Osborn more or less abducted a lot of kids and had them pushed to the limits to force their powers to the full potential before he was shut down. These are six of them.

Veil is dieing slowly, as her body loses cohesion.

Hazmat has to wear her containment suit at all times or everyone around her dies slowly and painfully, as even her breath is toxic.

And what’s the deep dark secret?

Hank Pym would like them to believe that out of all kids that Norman took, they show the most potential to be the Avengers of Tomororw.

The reality is that they are the ones who received the worst of Osborn’s torturous methods, whose psych tests raised red flags. The kid who could create Stanford incidents.

That’s right, these six kids aren’t being trained as the next generation of Avengers, they’re receiving attempts to keep them off the shady path of badness!

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