The Best and Worst Team Drafts…So Far

After looking at most teams, here are the top and bottom 3 teams from the draft. Most won’t add to many more impact players; plus we probably won’t know the impact guys until 3-4 years down the road at the earliest.

Top 3
1. Boston Red Sox
Notable Picks: Bryce Bentz, Anthony Ranaudo, Kolben Vitek, Brandon Workman
It’s easy to look this good with 3 first rounders; getting the guys they did is pretty impressive though. Add in Workman in the second and this is a solid draft for an already good system.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates
Notable Picks: Stetson Allie, Mel Rojas Jr, Jameson Taillon
They got 2 of the best prep arms in the draft and Rojas got some first round consideration from the experts. The 2 pitchers will probably be towards the top of the Pirates Prospect Rankings next year.

3. St. Louis Cardinals
Notable Picks: Seth Blair, Brent Cox, Tyrell Jenkins, Jordan Swagerty, Austin Wilson
I wasn’t going to include the Cardinals as anything but a Honorable Mention, until the 12th round happened. Austin Wilson was considered a first round talent that would be a hard sign. If the Cardinals can get him into the system, it’ll be a steal. They got the top College hitter and one of the better prep hitters; both later than they should have been able to. I’ve read speculation that this could mean they’ll give big money to Wilson and not make a serious offer to Cox; they’d then get the #25 pick next year. I don’t believe this will happen though.

HM: Los Angeles Angels (With 5 first rounders, it’s hard to mess up), Washington Nationals (One player – Bryce Harper; they also got prep arm A.J. Cole)

Bottom 3
1. Arizona Diamondbacks
Notable Picks: Barrett Loux
Loux with the 6th pick still puzzles me. I’d much rather have Deck McGuire, Chris Sale, Alex Wimmers, and Austin Wojciechowski over Loux. Of course, this could be a signability pick, but it’s still hard to pass on more talented guys. No one really stand out after this pick either.

2. Texas Rangers
Notable Picks: Kellin Deglan, Justin Grimm, Luke Jackson, Josh Skole
The only reason the Rangers are down here is because they don’t have money to spend. If they had money, their draft may have looked different. Grimm might turn into a nice day 2 pick, but they’ve picked up little else of notice.

3. Chicago Cubs
Notable Picks: Micah Gibbs, Reggie Golden
It’s kind of sad when your first round pick isn’t one of the notable picks. The Cubs did pick it up in the second and third rounds, but overall Cubs fans have to be disappointed.

HM: Florida Marlins (Reach for Yelich), New York Yankees (Culver was pretty much an unknown to draft people)

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