News on Jericho DVD – Format, Rumored Title, Promotions Featured

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Chris Jericho is the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla and the first ever Undisputed Champion in WWE history. He even had a nickname that shared the title of Jean Claude Van Damme pic. Jericho has played both sides of the coin, as a babyface and a heel. His promo work is some of the best in the business, especially during his heel run in WCW as the man of a 1,004 holds. For the longest time fans have demanded a DVD release ever since WWE started producing DVDs about star talents and past legends. Back in November 2000, Jericho had a VHS release called Break the Walls Down, but nothing since.

On September 21, 2010, WWE will give the wrestler his due with a three-disc set that will span his career. Wrestling-Edge says the release, with the working title The Best at What I Do, will reportedly follow the same format as Edge’s Decade of Decadence DVD – so short interview segments interspersed between matches. Matches from his runs in WCW, ECW and WWE will be featured as well as other footage (SMW or Japan perhaps?)

Earlier this week, the DVD became available for pre-order on Amazon. Go here to see the product page.

Update: According to a tweet by Joey Styles, who is working in the WWE’s Digital Media department, he mentions that Jericho’s career in SMW, ECW, Japan, WCW and WWE will be featured.

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