Thor Set Footage Shows Off Anthony Hopkins As Odin

Entertainment Tonight has unveiled what looks to be the first in a series of visits to the set of Marvel Studio’s Thor.

The clip, which is embedded below, mixes some pretty nice peeks at Asgardian sets and wardrobe (including a look at costumes of Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba) with some not horribly boring interviews with stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman and director Kennith Branagh.

While normally I can’t stand set reports from entertainment TV shows, this one is actually not too hard to sit through  — especially as it gives us our first real glimpse at Thor‘s costumes.

Out of all of Marvel’s upcoming movies, I think Thor is going to be the toughest sell to American audiences. While it features a pretty impressive cast of actors, the film’s hero isn’t exactly as much of a household name as Spider-Man or Captain America. While Iron Man wasn’t a well-known hero either, he at least had the appeal of looking like a giant robot — one of America’s favorite entertainment consumables. Thor looks like he stepped off the cover of an ’80s heavy metal album.

But enough of my jibberjaw, here’s the clip:

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