WWE’s Jim Ross Speaks on NXT Rookie Invasion, Michael Cole Leading, and Announcers


Here’s what Ross had to say at JRsbbq.com:

On Monday’s NXT Attack: Folks are still buzzing about the first NXT crew who made a memorable impact on Raw Monday night. It was certainly the best part of the show. Good job done by all. I love the ‘Wild West’ feel of pro wrestling, or if you prefer the term sports entertainment, as unpredictable ass kicking is what it’s all about and creates more ‘water cooler talk’ that dancing joksters at least in many circles. BTW…do the NXT Season One Renegades need a leader? Probably. Perhaps a Hall of Fame caliber talker who can express what these young bucks feel. Or perhaps the 8 or them can figure out how to share speaking opportunities and remain the near parity that exists. Time will tell.

On Michael Cole: Emailer…No I don’t think that Michael Cole will be the leader of the NXT group but of course it could happen. Cole is on three TV shows a week and adding this to his job description certainly fills the boat and puts Cole in an spot to where he is close to being over exposed. Who’s ready to step in and handle pay by play for Cole if that were to occur?

On Wrestling Announcers: Young wrestling announcers need to rely on their instincts and their ‘feel for the game’ more than the need to force feed me how many titles so and so has won which more often than not come at the wrong place at the wrong time. Feel the game…emotionally invest in the process and allow the proceedings to come to you. Sounds simple enough but it isn’t easy and some never ‘get it.’ Plus, some announcers seem compelled to name every singe move made during a match no matter how obscure or meaningless the move may be. Corney or ill conceived names can kill excellent holds.

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Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.