10 Thoughts on TNA Impact: 06.10.2010 – Jay Lethal, Kurt Angle & More

10. Jay Lethal actually pulling off a pretty entertaining Flair impersonation was amusing, he seems to have come leaps and bounds in the last few months in terms of character and promo ability.

9. Nice change in pace having an X Division match that had a bit of a different feel to it, and didn’t feature the usual people that get time on Impact these days.

8. TNA, the home of excessively overusing brawls.

7. So, TNA went to the point of not showing the fireball incident on Impact, but on the “before the bell” thing during Impact they show the footage numerous times. That really doesn’t make much sense at all.

6. As much as they make it easy to be confused when there is anything going on in the Knockouts division at the moment, that tag match wasn’t half bad. It was more comedic than a serious wrestling match. Apparently it didn’t air on the American broadcast, but it’s worth a look for how amusing it was.

5. If TNA run out of things for the MCMG boys to do, they’d make entertaining commentators. Their talking during the Knockouts tag match was more entertaining than what the actual commentary team were saying.

4. That was a great way to bring Hernandez back into the mix. It felt right, and actually made sense. Not sure if it would have made sense to anyone who didn’t see Morgan send Hernandez out a few months ago, but it sounds like it might help round out the end of the Morgan being two people thing.

3. Ah, so this is how The Band are actually going to “win” matches. Waiting until their opponent is basically dead inside the ring and then stepping in and getting the pin. That’ll get old fast.

2. Never thought we’d see Kurt Angle wrestle Amazing Red, and even when Red started walking to the ring it didn’t seem like something that would work. But they pulled off a good match, and it was really interesting to see the two different styles collide.

1. Wasn’t sold on the idea of the 8 man tag, as it didn’t sound like something that would get a decent amount of time. But, it actually did get a good amount of time, and it seemed to actually set up a few of the matches for Slammiversary quite well.

1. Given that Slammiversary is supposed to be TNA’s biggest event of the year, it’s unfortunate that this seems to be the first episode where they’re actually getting it right. The TNA hype machine cogs need a bit more oil, and earlier than a few days before the PPV.

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