Guillermo del Toro to Write New Van Helsing Movie

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According to Latino Review Guillermo del Toro will write the treatment for a new Van Helsing movie for Universal Pictures.

This will mark the second attempt by Universal to capitalize on the Bram Stoker’s vampire hunter, the first being the 2004 Stephen Sommers’ abomination starring Hugh Jackman. This new Van Helsing will not be a remake or a sequel, just a different movie about the character. del Toro describes his version as an “action horror story.”

The Pulse: The 2004 Van Helsing was terrible and a shame considering Stoker’s character was so fascinating and charismatic. I, for one, am excited about seeing what Guillermo del Toro can do with him. He’s certainly got the horror chops to pull of some good frights, and he’s proven himself with the Hellboy movies that he knows how to craft a top-notch supernatural action movie, and with Pan’s Labrynth, we know he can make a damn fine movie, period.