Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Slammiversary 2010 Report: Sting vs. RVD, AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal, Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Slammiversary Report
Live from Orlando
Announcers: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Intro shows some of the highlights of the last 8 years of TNA.

Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle
Crowd is going CRAZY for Angle as he makes his way down. Could be because they know that we are in for a great match. The ref is in short sleeve blue shirt & a bow-tie. Tie-ups start. Kaz drops Angle quickly, then hits a 2nd rope dropkick. Kaz pulls him up, but Angle turns it into the Rolling Germans, however Kaz kicks back and crotches Angle. The ref sees it, and when he goes to DQ Kaz, Angle stops him, and wants to continue the match. Kaz tosses Angle to the floor, and hits a plancha. Back in the ring, Kaz hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Angle fights back, hits a Powerbomb! Then he turns it into the Ankle Lock. Kaz rolls out of it, Angle goes for the Olympic Slam, but Kaz hip tosses out of it, then hits the backwards pile driver, but only gets 2! Kaz slingshots off the ropes, but Angle with a kick to the gut, then the Olympic Slam, but Kaz kicks out! Kaz goes for another Pile Driver, but Angle slides out, locks on the Ankle Lock for the submission.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Taz & Tenay babble for a bit, and Taz thanks a laundry list of ‘pioneers’ in TNA.

Douglas Williams (c) vs. Brian Kendrick – X-Division Championship
They fall to the floor quickly, and Williams hits a back suplex on the floor. Williams tosses Kendrick back in and locks on a chin lock. Kendrick fights back, only to get a fall-away slam. Williams hangs Kendrick on the ropes, but Kendrick lifts himself out, and hits a dropkick for 2. Kendrick with a Front Russian roll-up for 2. Kendrick goes for the Sunset Flip, but Williams sits into it for 2. Williams sent to the corner, Kendrick charges, but Williams pokes him in the eye, then hits a Tornado DDT for the pin.
Winner – Douglas Williams

Chrissy with Bischoff & Tessmacher. Christy wants to know what Bischoff thinks Sting means by getting the TNA Title being only the first step. Bischoff has no idea what Sting’s agenda is.

Madison Rayne (c) vs. Roxxi – TNA Knockouts Championship
Before the match starts, Madison gets Roxxi to put her career on the line, like Tara last month. As Rox agrees, Madison cracks her with the mic, and Rox is busted open, the hard way, and badly. Roxxi hits an early Voodoo drop, but Madison kicks out. Rox is going on adrenaline now, there is A LOT of blood lose. Rox with another Voodoo Drop, but this time Madison rolls to the floor. Rox chases her out, but Madison shoves her into the railing, and as Rox gets back in the ring, Madison hits her finisher (similar to the Zach Attack) for the pin.
Winner – Madison Rayne

Madison waves at Roxxi as the ref escorts her to the back.

Recap of Bubba Ray & Jesse Neal

Bubba comes out and asks for Devon to come with him, Shannon Moore comes out with Jesse. Bubba apologizes for being a bully and a douche bag the past few weeks, and says that there will be no match. They all walk away, and Bubba turns and slugs Jesse, and runs him back in the ring. Devon & Shannon yell at Bubba, but security pulls them to the back.

Jesse Neal vs. Brother Ray
Bubba pummels Neal for a good 5 minutes or so. Bubba then starts slapping all over Jesse’s chest and back, making him welt up. Bubba goes to the 2nd rope, but is distracted by something in the crowd, and they show Tommy Dreamer walking down the steps. He poses with the crowd, and Bubba goes for the senton, but Neal rolls out of the way, then hits the spear for the pin.
Winner – Jesse Neal

Recap of Morgan/Hernandez.

Matt Morgan comes out in street clothes and a neckbrace. He has a doctor’s note, and says that he can not compete. Hernandez comes out, and the ref rings the bell.

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan
Hernandez pulls Morgan’s neckbrace off. Hernandez pummels him, but he gets reversed into the turnbuckle, and Morgan hits his backwards elbows. Hernandez fights back, and rips off Morgan’s shirt, and starts choking him with it. The Ref pulls him off, but Hernandez picks up and tosses the ref, causing the DQ.
Winner via DQ – Matt Morgan

Hernandez beats Morgan on the floor, and sets him up for a kick against the ring post, for revenge, but the ref gets in the way, and Hernandez kicks him into the ringpost.

Christy wants to know if Hogan has any idea what Sting is up to. Hogan doesn’t know, but he is worried for RVD.

Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe (w/ Chelsea) – Monsters Ball Match
Abyss with a quick sidewalk slam, and he goes under the ring and gets a barb wire board. Wolfe backs off, and looks through a trash can that is ringside, and sees a teddy bear wrapped in barb wire. Abyss fights that away from Wolfe, and presents it to Chelsea, who is befuddled. Abyss breaks out the bag of tacks out, but it’s actually filled with glass. Wolfe jumps Abyss from behind, and brutally beats him down. They show Chelsea, who seems concerned for Abyss. They fight up the ramp, and toward the announce table, Abyss is on his knees, and Wolfe swings away with a kendo stick, but Abyss ducks, and hits a choke slam through the stage. Abyss pulls him back to the ring, but only gets a 2 count. Abyss goes for the barb wire board, and lays it out in the corner. He puts Wolfe on the turnbuckle, and goes up and fights with him, but Wolfe is the one who drops Abyss into the barb wire, but only gets a 2. Wolfe sends Abyss off the ropes, but Abyss reverses it, and hits a Shock Treatment for 2. Wolfe to the floor, wants Chelsea’s purse, empties it, but the thing he is looking for isn’t in there. Wolfe gets in the ring, and nails Abyss with a kendo. Wolfe wants Chelsea to toss him something, and she reveals that she has knucks. She doesn’t want to give them to Wolfe, and over tosses him to Abyss, who lays out Wolfe with them and scores the win.
Winner – Abyss

Recal of Lethal beating Styles a few weeks back.

AJ Styles (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Jay Lethal
Styles backs Lethal to the corner, and hits a few chops, but Lethal fights out and hits a slap across the face, sending Styles out of the ring to regroup. AJ back in, and he quickly takes Lethal into a side headlock. They go back in forth reversing each other. Lethal hits a backbreaker for 2. They fight to the floor, and as AJ tries to get back in, but Lethal pulls his legs out. Lethal gets AJ back in the ring, and sends him to the corner. Should blocks in the corner. AJ fights out, hits a Back Suplex, and sends him to the floor. AJ distracts the ref, and Flair chokes him with his jacket. Lethal back in, fends off AJ, and hits the Lethal Combination for 2. Lethal with a Diamond Cutter for 2. Flair is up and distracts the ref, and Lethal goes over to him, but AJ takes advantage, locking Flair in the Figure 4. Lethal gets to the ropes, AJ picks him up and goes for the Styles Clash, but Lethal slides out, hits a suplex, the locks on the Figure 4 of his own! AJ makes it to the ropes, but it looks like his knee is bothering him. AJ goes to springboard off the 2nd turnbuckle, but he stalls due to his knee, goes for a moonsault, but Lethal catches him and rolls him up for the pin.
Winner – Lethal

Sting on camera, says that he sent Christy away because he is dangerous. He says that after tonight, the curtain will be removed and we will all see what is really going on.

Recap of Hardy & Anderson becoming homies.

Christy with Hardy & Anderson. Anderson says that they have bigger problems then Beer Money…they don’t have a name yet. Hardy suggests the Extreme Enigmatic Assholes.

Beer Money, Inc vs. Extreme Enigmatic Assholes
Storm and Anderson start. They go back and forth, then Hardy and Roode are tagged in. Roode gets the best of Hardy, and we get some double teaming from Beer Money. Hardy gets to Anderson, and they unleash some double teaming of their own. The ref pulls Hardy off of Beer Money, and then Roode takes over. Beer Money dominates the next 5-6 minutes of the match. Anderson attempts a Mic Check but Roode reverses it for 2, when Hardy breaks it up. Storm in, picks up Hardy for the Eye of the Storm. Beer Money goes for the DWI, but Hardy shoves Storm off behind Roode’s back, catches Anderson, tosses him back, and Roode now sees what is going on, only to get stuck in the Mic Check for the pin.
Winners – Anderson & Hardy

Recap of Sting/RVD

Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Sting – TNA Heavyweight Championship
The match starts as a huge brawl through the crowd, for a good 7-8 minutes. Lots of slamming each other into the railing, and then tossing each other into the wall. RVD hangs Sting over the railing, and hits the spinning leg drop. They finally get in the ring, and Sting takes over, hitting a series of Stinger Splashes, for a 2 count. They go toe to toe, and RVD hits a big clothesline to layout Sting. RVD with the top rope thrust kick, then the Split Leg Moonsault for 2. RVD goes for a running Crossbody, but Sting ducks and RVD lays out the Ref. Sting gets his bat, and hits RVD a few times, taking out his legs. Sting backs RVD into the corner, and then Jeff Jarrett comes out and takes the bat away from Sting, and hits him with it. RVD hits Rolling Thunder and gets a slow 2 count. Sting in the corner, RVD charges but Sting moves, and RVD is hung on the turnbuckle. Sting goes for another Stinger Splash, but RVD moves, Sting is down, RVD hits the 5 Star for the pin.
Winner – RVD

Show Over.

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