Rasslin’ Roundtable – TNA Slammiversary 2010

As TNA is celebrating its eighth anniversary, one has to look at this promotion and ask “Really? In eight years that’s all that you’ve done? And you’re still in business? Really?” But I’m not that person. Instead, we’ve gathered the Pulse team to give our predictions for TNA’s Slammiversary 2010.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Sting

Ben LeDoux: This will end with a former WWE star coming out and beating the crap out of the former WCW and ECW stars just to prove exactly how dominant WWE is, even on TNA programming.
Winner: RVD

Matthew Michaels: I’d normally say I want to see RVD keep the belt longer, but Sting’s a great heel lately and I kinda wanna see him take this one.
Winner – Sting

Andrew Wheeler: I’m going to admit right off the bat that I haven’t really been following what’s going on with TNA, but am rather doing this Roundtable because…well…they asked. Now that TNA is off of Monday Nights, they can stop worrying about pushing stars of the past and start promoting the young talent that makes them innovative, hence Sting versus RVD. Zuh? Look, I get the draw to putting these two in the ring together, since it’s one of the few dream matches we’ve never been able to see before. TNA holding onto Sting allows them to have the monopoly on the “Sting versus” matches, which is a valuable asset. This, for older fans, is a WCW versus ECW match. This, for those of us who know better, will be a watered down version of a match that might have worked about ten years ago. RVD as champion hasn’t done anything substantial for TNA, since if anything I’ve heard less about them once he won the strap. Ironically, had Rob gone to the WWE, he’d be one of their top stars and be getting ridiculous amounts of exposure again. Instead, he opted for the lighter schedule and he gets to main event in front of slightly more people than he’d see at an ECW PPV. As for the match itself, is there any reason to take the title off of him? No, not really. As a babyface, RVD has several future opponents (namely that “We’re Not the Horsemen” Horsemen stable), while Sting doesn’t have a lot of fresh competition. Besides, RVD beating Sting on PPV will further cement his reign at the top of the “Half-Assed Borderline Retirement Paycheck Society”. In all seriousness, the match is a fairly smart idea because it’ll draw in a few casual fans that they didn’t have for this PPV before (bringing the number to 80 buys), and it gives the future Sting compilation DVD another match.
Winner: RVD

Ricardo Rochetti: Rob Van Dam has done a good enough job as champion, is picking up momentum, and still has a slew of fresh feuds and opponents to go through. Sting can barely put together a passable match these days and STILL hasn’t adequately explained his ill-conceived heel turn, which has made him heatless (you know, like every other heel turn in his career). He should be no more than just another successful title defense for RVD on his way to something hotter (e.g. Joe, Hardy, Angle).
Winner: RVD

Mark Allen: The money at this point is keeping the belt on Van Dam. He’s still got a high profile rematch with Styles, a match with Hardy, a match with Joe and many other fresh bouts in him leading up a big blow off with Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory. At this point Sting works better as a featured attraction in the upper mid card away from the Title.
Winner – RVD

Kevin Innarelli: I don’t see any reason to move the belt to Sting. RVD seems to be gaining momentum as TNA champ and Sting just seems like a good hurdle for him to jump. Never underestimate TNA’s knack for doing the wrong thing, however. But we’ll hope the right decision is made.
Winner: RVD

Kyle Sparks: It would be a monumentally stupid idea for TNA to put the title on Sting right now. Sting’s name value even as a transitional champion is iffy at best, and his reign(s) never exactly set the world on fire. Van Dam retains and holds on to drop to Jeff Hardy, assuming the legal issues subside as it looks like they’re starting to. If not, well, there’s always AJ Styles to try to reboot for the 500th time, right?
Winner: Rob. Van. Dam.

Raffi Shamir: Does anyone care about Sting anymore? Or about his “deception” and the big reveal that he’s promising for Sunday? RVD has done a good enough job as champion, while Sting hasn’t done a good enough job as, well anything recently. Keep the belt on RVD until Angle goes through the top 10 contenders. Or at least RVD is busted on drug charges again.
Winner: RVD

Ben Morse: It’s a bit disappointing to think how good a match this could have been with both guys in their prime, but better late than never, I suppose. I think at this stage in his career, Sting can still get up for the big ones, but he needs a grounded, solid opponent like Kurt Angle or even A.J. Styles to help him out; RVD is too high impact and too devil-may-care, so this will likely be sloppy. I do think Sting walks away with the title because from a storyline perspective, that’s what moves things forward with him revealing his motivation and some battle lines being laid down for a larger feud within TNA, perhaps culminating with somebody stepping up and taking the title from him at Bound For Glory. I wouldn’t be shocked to see some sort of Jeff Jarrett heel turn or Mick Foley return.
Winner: Sting

Chantal Taylor: I’m still upset at the fact that King of the Mountain has been replaced by this match. It will be a good match but it won’t be exciting or anything. The only thing I’m looking forward to tbh is RVD’s iron man attire. However, I do think RVD will retain as it is far too early to take the belt of him. How will this match end though? Seeing as the new TNA like to end their PPVS in some crazy mothertruckin ways nowadays – maybe the NXT rookies will invade TNA or something?
Winner: Sting

Widro: Sting has been pushed hard as a heel, and has a lot of face challengers lined up whereas RVD has fewer heel challenges on the horizon. I think they put the belt back on Sting and have him reign until Bound for Glory.
Winner – Sting

TNA X Division Championship:
Douglas Williams (C) vs. Kendrick

Ben LeDoux: Hey look, the X-Division match is one-on-one. It is still early though which means that it will turn into a three-way by Sunday. My pick for the third man and winner, Michael Shane. Why? Because too many random guys show up in the X-Division as it is and I like Michael Shane.
Winner: Michael Shane.

Matthew Michaels: Here I WILL Say keep the belt on the champ.
Winner – Williams

Andrew Wheeler: I’ve always been high on The Brian Kendrick, though I don’t get what this match is really going to accomplish. Doug Williams and his anti-X-Division rhetoric at the start of his reign was unique, and if there’s money in him keeping the title, then Kendrick will win. If it’s time for Williams to move on, he’ll retain. Since I don’t see a title change in either of the other title matches, this should theoretically be the title switch. On the other hand, this is TNA, so I’m gonna assume that they’ll keep Doug Williams with the belt so that he can drop it to…uh…um…
Winner: Doug Williams

Ricardo Rochetti: Kendrick has been treated like a jobber since come to TNA. He won a match prior to this one? Whoopee. This has been given no build whatsoever, so there’s no reason to believe the title changes hands here. We’ll get a nice, 10-minute (if that) exhibition, but no more.
Winner: Douglas Williams

Mark Allen: Should be a fairly pedestrian victory for Williams to build him up as a big threat and cornerstone of the X Division.
Winner – Williams

Kevin Innarelli: I would love to see Brian Kendrick win here. I just don’t think it will happen. Yes, Kendrick got a recent win, but other than that TNA has pretty much buried him. He doesn’t look like a strong contender, but that could be a reason TNA gives him the belt. I’ll stick with what I know.
Winner: Doug Williams

Kyle Sparks: I think they want to get the title off Williams, but I remain continually skeptical of Kendrick’s commitment stateside until I hear otherwise. And while I haven’t heard anything public of Kendrick working (or wanting to work) in Japan, I think there’s better options to unseat Williams. Plus, I love me some Doug Williams.
Winner: Douglas Williams

Raffi Shamir: I love Kendrick. And Williams is also pretty good. The thing is, Kendrick got this match out of nowhere and the promo about his mental problems didn’t really help introduce his new character or gimmick. I just don’t see a reason to dethrone Williams here.
Winner: Douglas Williams

Ben Morse: I’m looking for Williams to carry this one as Kendrick has been great on the mic of late (in my opinion at least), but unmotivated in the ring. I don’t think there’s any value in Kendrick as X Division champ, so the belt stays with Williams until they can build up a decent contender for him.
Winner: Douglas Williams

Chantal Taylor: As much as I would love to see Kendrick become the new X Division champ I really don’t want to see Douglas loose the belt as I think he is awesome as champ. Plus any chance to see Mr. Williams do his beautiful finisher is fine by me.
Winner: Douglas Williams.

Widro: Williams was just recently screwed and regained the title, so it seems soon to take it off. Bischoff is said to be high on Kendrick, but i think Williams retains.
Winner – Williams

TNA Knockouts Championship:
Madison Rayne (C) vs. Roxxi

Ben LeDoux: Girl can’t win on Impact! but where the heck has Roxxi been? Seriously.
Winner: Madison Rayne.

Matthew Michaels: I like Roxxi but where do they go if she wins? I’m thinking she needs to chase a bit longer, maybe get screwed over here.
Winner – Madison

Andrew Wheeler: Long story short, Madison is keeping the title warm until Angelina Love can return from her injury. It’s a Knockout match so I don’t think I’m going to give too much insight, especially when you realize that this is a company that let Awesome Kong leave so that they could keep Bubba the Love Sponge only to turn around and drop him too. Look, Mickie James will be there in 90 days, so chances are they’ll have Angelina Love return, turn heel and keep her strong for James. What does that mean? That this match is fiddling while Rome burns.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Ricardo Rochetti: I like Roxxi, but she hasn’t gotten enough of a build-up since coming back. The time to put the strap on her would have been during her previous run, when she’d gotten pretty over and would have been believable as someone who could topple the mighty Kong, but c’est la vie. Madison, on the other hand, has been doing a good enough job as the Knockouts Champ and should have at least a couple more successful title defenses before losing the belt to a properly built up face – maybe even Roxxi . . . just not yet.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Mark Allen: Roxxi just came back so it would seem like TNA would put the belt on her immediately but Madison has been doing pretty well as Champion. Whoever wins here won’t change much in the womens division as it has decreased in quality greatly in the past few weeks.
Winner – Rayne

Kevin Innarelli: I really like the Beautiful People having all of the belts. They are perfect as a heel stable that dominates the women’s division. Roxxi is a nice story but I think she’ll come up short here. Look for Madison to hold on to the belt until she loses it to Angelina Love.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Kyle Sparks: Despite Roxxi’s return, I find it hard to believe they’ll take the title off Rayne. She only just won the title just a little over a month ago, and there’s more that can be done with internal strife with The Beautiful People, etc.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Raffi Shamir: When the hell did Roxxi come back?
Winner: Madison Rayne

Ben Morse: Roxxi can go and Rayne has way more talent than her act generally lets her show off. This could actually be one of the better Knockout title matches since Kong left. I could see this kicking off a longer feud, so I think Madison retains.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Chantal Taylor: Madison is my least favourite out of the beautiful people but I still want her to retain the belt so that the sexy stable can have all the woman’s belts within the group. Plus Madison is still developing as a wrestler and will only get better by taking on new opponents who will go after the knockouts title. I suggest ODB should step up next.
Winner: Madison Rayne

Widro: Roxxi’s hair is so grown in! She doesn’t seem like the face to build around, so i see her losing.
Winner – Madison

Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money

Ben LeDoux: Beer Money win when Matt Hardy comes out for the SWERVE~! and beats up his brother and gives VKM the finger. This will lead to the Voodoo Kin Mafia Vs. The Hardys Vs. The Band Vs. Team 3D Vs. The Steiners Vs. The Harris Boys Vs. The Ding Dongs Vs. The WORLD~!
Winner: Beer Money

Matthew Michaels: I could actually care less about this one. Team Flair needs a win, so…
Winner – Beer Money

Andrew Wheeler: So basically Matt Hardy and MVP have formed an uneasy alliance and they’re looking to take down an established team. Oh wait, this is totally different. Hell, it has a different Hardy. So basically this PPV tonight can either solidify Flair’s team as the dominant force in the company or they can all get jobbed out. My guess is that Hardy won’t trust Anderson and while Ken will be noble, Jeff’s inability to fully trust him will cost them the win. It works, especially when you consider that if Jeff gets convicted, TNA can shift his massively indifferent heat to that asshole.
Winner: Beer Money

Ricardo Rochetti: In an ideal world, Mr. Anderson would turn on Hardy during this match, showing that his face turn was a ruse all along, and that evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb. In TNA World, however, Anderson’s rushed, nonsensical pseudo-face turn continues, this time at Beer Money’s expense. Oh well, at least Anderson finally wins a PPV match.
Winners: Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson

Mark Allen: If they keep the shenanigans and BS to a minimum this could be a really fun old-school tag team match.
Winners – Hardy and Anderson

Kevin Innarelli: I keep waiting for Anderson to reveal himself as the “A-hole” he keeps professing himself to be. Yet TNA seems content to project him as a face in one of the most unexpected, nonsensical turns in recent memory. I’m torn on whether Anderson turns on Hardy and becomes part of the new Four Horsemen Ric Flair is mentoring, or a new face is established and flourishes. I’ll take the latter even though I love Beer Money, Inc.
Winners: Hardy and Anderson

Kyle Sparks: Let’s see, established team vs. “Wacky Mismatched Tag Partners Who Hate Each Other” (tm Scott Keith). We all know how these always end. Hardy & Anderson win, eventually implode, and they continue trying to make Anderson into Orton-Lite, who in some ways in Austin-Lite. It’s like M.C. Escher’s “Drawing Hands” only the hands belong to a dumbass.
Winners: Jeff Hardy and Ken Anderson

Raffi Shamir: In my latest TBD, I wrote that TNA must turn Anderson back heel, because it’s too soon for his face turn and he can be a great top heel. For once, I’ll assume TNA will do the right thing here.
Winners: Beer Money!

Ben Morse: I’m not buying Anderson as a babyface, whether the crowd at the Impact Zone is or not, and I think we see a swerve here, either during or after the match—hopefully post-match so we can at least see some action. Regardless, I’d peg Roode and Storm to win and then somehow leapfrog the forgotten Motor City Machine Guns in the tag rankings. Sigh…
Winner: Beer Money, Inc.

Chantal Taylor: Yes there are four great wrestlers but this match just doesn’t grab my attention at all. I feel like we’ve seen it all before and I do not want to see it yet again. Jeff/Mr Anderson will win just so TNA can keep everybody sweet and happy.
Winner: Jeff Hardy and Mr Anderson

Widro: It’s still unclear whether Anderson will stay a face or turn on Jeff again. This should be one of the best matches on the card either way.
Winners – Anderson/Hardy

Kurt Angle vs. #10 Contender Kazarian

Ben LeDoux: Winner: Kurt Angle is running a gauntlet to get back to the top? He should have started with #105: The T-Shirt Guy. Or #106: Jeff Jarrett.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Matthew Michaels: Kurt’s not starting his quest with a loss is he?
Winner – Angle

Andrew Wheeler: This should be a fun match, but it doesn’t feel like an elevation for Kazarian as much as it feels like Kurt killing time until he gets to go back to the main event. It would be cute for Frankie to get the fluke win (or for Samoa Joe to make his presence felt), so I guess I’ll go with that guy who spun a microphone on Velocity before winding up back in Orlando.
Winner: Kazarian

Ricardo Rochetti: Given both guys’ present storylines (Kaz’s involvement with Flair, Angle wanting to work his way through the Top 10), it’d make sense for either guy to win. I think it makes a little more sense for Angle to win and move on to the next guy on the list, however, seeing that Kaz has a potential situation with Styles a-brewin’.
Winner: Kirk Angel

Mark Allen: Angle will run through Kaz in hopefully a fun spirited contest as the endgame of this whole story is to get Angle through the entire top 10 presumably to challenge RVD for the World Title at Bound For Glory.
Winner – Angle

Kevin Innarelli: Kazarian wins due to Samoa Joe interference.
Winner: Kazarian

Kyle Sparks: Well, Angle is in the midst of a major angle where he’s going to try to beat all of the Top 10 contenders to earn a title match. Even if it’s meant to end somewhere down the line via interference to set up a feud, what have you, it certainly won’t end here. These two have shown great chemistry in the past and put on solid matches, and this should be as well, with Angle just barely pulling off the close win.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Raffi Shamir: Both guys should win here. Angle because he is coming back and has a storylne where he goes through the top 10 on his way to the championship, and Kaz because of the new five/four horsemen. I can only guess that this is where the new horsemen will finally turn on Kaz and officially kick him out.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Ben Morse: Match of the night, no question. Angle needs to win or his current gimmick is pointless out of the gate, but he’ll make Kaz look good.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Chantal Taylor: Kurt will win because he needs to be on a winning streak and go against every single wrestler on the roster to show that he is the best in the world. Also I like seeing Kazarian loose so come on Kurt!
Winner: Kurt Angle

Widro: If it’s given some time, could be a great match. I expect some screwiness with the finish involving Ric Flair, AJ Styles and/or others.
Winner – Angle

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

Ben LeDoux: Jay Lethal when the Macho Man sees him during his honeymoon with his wife in Orlando and passes him the torch.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Matthew Michaels: Lethal’s on a role, and AJ doesn’t need a win here.
Winner – Jay

Andrew Wheeler: How the hell is the bottom of the card so much better than the top? What is this, WCW? Oh wait… Anyway, with my theory that Flair’s folks will win out tonight, I’m gonna go with Styles beating Lethal. See, AJ isn’t “big” enough for Jay’s victory to matter, and Lethal winning would hurt AJ more than it would help Jay.
Winner: AJ Styles

Ricardo Rochetti: I’m a shameless AJ Styles mark, so I’d love to see him pick up the win here and start to build up some of the heat he lost by spending the last few months playing a second-rate Ric Flair rip-off. However, all of the factors indicate otherwise. Under AJ’s present storyline, it makes sense for him to lose another match. Plus, he’s reached that “perpetually over” stage where he can lose and retain his credibility. Lethal, on the other hand, is on his way up the card and could use the win against an established TNA main eventer. Here’s hoping this isn’t another one of Lethal’s “start-and-stop” pushes (see beating Kurt Angle clean; see also beating Team 3-D).
Winner: Jay Lethal

Mark Allen: Another mid-card match that has the potential to be great fun if given the time and chance. That is the one thing I like about Russo’s booking in that he gives something for the entire roster to do, as opposed to just a half dozen top guys. Every match on the card has some sort of rivalry behind it and it actually shows some actual depth in TNA’s roster in that Styles is this far down the card yet can bounce back up if needed. Lethal needs the victory more to continue his upwards momentum. Styles can bounce back from a loss much easier than Lethal can at this point.
Winner – Lethal

Kevin Innarelli: This could be an incredible match. I love both of these guys. I hope they get enough time to show what they can do. As far as a winner, we’ll have to decide who has more to gain. Styles was the longest running TNA champ and can be inserted into the main event picture as needed. Lethal needs a big win to propel him to the headlining spot. Give it to Lethal.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Kyle Sparks: Lethal needs this way more. And AJ is over enough that he can lose and it won’t hurt him a bit. Expect arguably the match of the night (either this or Angle/Kazarian) and a tough Jay Lethal win.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Raffi Shamir: AJ has lost so much heat recently that he needs the win. And if he’s going to lead the new horsemen, or whatever name TNA will give them, he can’t lose. At least this will be an excellent match.
Winner: Styles

Ben Morse: Another match I think will be solid, with the only thing really holding it back being that A.J. Styles wrestled better as A.J. Styles as opposed to Ric Flair Jr. Part of me wants to say A.J. gets the wind to give his new faction with Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money some heat, but a bigger part says Lethal wins to continue driving a wedge between Styles and Flair—which I’m more than ok with.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Chantal Taylor: How did AJ fall all the way down from Kurt to Jay Lethal in the space of a few months? – this saddens me. Nevertheless I see Jay Lethal winning this match with some sort of roll-up due a distracted Styles when Flair comes out with his little lap dog Kazarian thus replacing AJ as the golden child.
Winner: Jay Lethal

Widro: This storyline might not make a lot of sense, but the match should be really strong. Styles has been doing a losing streak gimmick and Lethal needs some big wins.
Winner – Lethal

Monster’s Ball:
Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss w/ Chelsea

Ben LeDoux: Desmond Wolfe after Alex Laree beats the crap out of Chelsea to throw off Abyss and give Desmond the win. TNA will then not use her for three weeks and their building will explode.
Winner: Desmond Wolfe

Matthew Michaels: Honestly, I kinda feel bad for Desmond and Chelsea here. Wonder if that’s what TNA was hoping for.
Winner – Abyss

Andrew Wheeler: The blood pouring out of my ears as I try to make sense of this is ruining my couch. To finish my copout, I’ll go with Wolfe winning here and then climbing back up the card to face RVD. See that TNA? Simple, linear storytelling.
Winner: Wolfe

Ricardo Rochetti: Desmond Wolfe hasn’t gotten the best of Abyss (in a meaningful way) once in this feud. Also, it looks like they’re going with the “Chelsea warms up to Abyss” storyline. I’d like to see Chelsea cost Abyss the match here, showing that she’d been toying with him for the past month. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. Other than the RVD match, probably the easiest pick of the night.
Winner: Abyss, due to Chelsea-ference (on his behalf).

Mark Allen: Tacking the Monsters Ball garbage onto this will only try to bring up Abyss and bring down Wolfe. Abyss will mutilate himself for his enjoyment, Chelsea will turn on Wolfe and he will job. At least Abyss isn’t challenging for the World Title anymore.
Winner – Abyss

Kevin Innarelli: I couldn’t care less. Wolfe deserves better than this. Let’s say Abyss wins because Chelsea decides he is nicer and interferes just enough to let Abyss win. And because that’s exactly how all of these storylines go.
Winner: Abyss

Kyle Sparks: Ugh. We all think Abyss will win to end this monstrosity once and for all. But look how long Lethal vs. Dutt went on. Abyss just blogged about how he saw this beautiful human spirit inside Chelsea, so like a big dumb babyface, he’s about to get turned on, she’ll rejoin Wolfe and this nonsense will continue.
Winner: Desmond Wolfe

Raffi Shamir: Shouldn’t Wolfe be challenging for the TNA title rather than feuding with the likes of Abyss? Please end this so we can move on.
Winner: Desmond Wolfe

Ben Morse: These two seem to work well together, and Wolfe is highly adaptable, so I think he’ll make a solid go of it in Monster’s Ball. I’d rather see Wolfe go over and get Chelsea back, but my gut tells me she turns on him and Abyss wins his signature match.
Winner: Abyss

Chantal Taylor: It’s like the World Cup, USA vs. England. So because I have no idea who will win I’m going to base my choice on what happened in the football match.
Winner: DRAW (somehow.)

Widro: Despite low populatiry, Abyss has gotten a big push in TNA as Hogan’s lackey. However, with so many wins, it’s time for Desmond to get win. Hey why not.
Winner – Wolfe

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Mark Allen: Apparently this is taking the place of the proposed Morgan-Band Tag Title match. I guess TNA isn’t trying to cram their entire roster on the show like they used to. Speaking of which, where is Samoa Joe? As for this match, Hernandez just came back and laid out Morgan on Impact. This won’t have a clean finish and the feud will continue.
Winner – Hernandez

Ricardo Rochetti: This is a tough one to call, seeing that TNA is high on both of these guys. TNA wants Hernandez to be its Rey Mysterio (which makes about as much sense as Abyss being their John Cena), so he probably needs to pick up the win here after Morgan got the best of him. Whether it’ll be clean or Morgan getting himself DQ’d after Hernandez dominates most of the match I don’t know, but I’m going with SuperMex regardless.
Winner: Hernandez

Kyle Sparks: They seem to want to push Hernandez, and I think this is his big return, so he’ll get the W here, with a Morgan beat-down afterwards to get his heat back.
Winners: Hernandez

Matthew Michaels: This is odd. I guess Mex should win it.
Winner – Hernandez

Raffi Shamir: Hernandez already took out Morgan on Impact, so what’s the point in giving him the win here and completely ruining Morgan? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samoa Joe attack Morgan at some stage here.
Winner: Some sort of a disputed ending, perhaps a no contest or Morgan countout

Ben Morse: This could be a sleeper as both guys are better than most people give them credit in the ring. I don’t foresee a clean ending as the feud has gone months and the match was made under a week ago, so either a big brawl or Morgan gets DQed. I’d really like Morgan to drop the “we” business though. And alas, poor Samoan Joe, MIA once more…
Winner: No Contest

Chantal Taylor: The last time the former tag team champs had a match it was excellent, so I’m hoping this match will be up to par; perhaps even better as their hate for each other will come out and add that extra something to the match. However, I believe they should have made this storyline longer this making it more climatic.
Winner: Henandez

Widro: It’s funny that they changed this at the last minute as the build to a multi-month injruy angle. Typical TNA chaos. Hernandez should win here if the booking made sense but I could also see a screwjob.
Winner – Hernandez

Jesse Neal vs. Brother Ray

Raffi Shamir: This match is so insignificant that TNA didn’t even bother to create an image for it on their website. Since it will not end until Team 3D beats Ink inc., this one has to go to Jesse.
Winner: Jesse Neal

Mark Allen: I’m actually surprised they didn’t do the obvious Team 3-D-Ink Inc. tag match first, but obvious that will come throughout the summer months.
Winner – Neal

Ricardo Rochetti: I can’t believe they’re giving this PPV time instead of blowing it off on TV. Well, I guess this means we have the epic Team 3D vs. Ink, Inc. matchup to look forward to. If you can’t tell, I couldn’t care less about this match, but I do have to submit a prediction for it, so I think Brother Ray tries to help his student get over here.
Winner – Jesse Neal

Kyle Sparks: Brother Ray, I guess, because it’s TNA and the older stars are where it’s at, brother!
Winner: Brother Ray

Matthew Michaels: Bubba should win to keep the feud going for now.
Winner – Bubba

Ben Morse: Fluke win by Jesse so the feud can continue and Ray can gradually turn Brother Devon to the dark side.
Winner: Jesse Neal

Chantal Taylor: I really do not care about this match at all so the winner will be chosen by the great scientific method of eenie meenie miney moe…
Winner: Jesse Neal.

Widro: This match should be absolutely awful! Bubba is so fat. Should contain shenanigans as well.
Winner – Bubba

That’s the Pulse view on Slammiversary. Come back to Pulse Wrestling on Sunday night for live, up to the minute coverage of TNA Slammiversary 2010.

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