The Real Housewives of New York City – Episode 3-15

I’m not sure what can be said about the finale as considering all three parts (!) haven’t aired yet. I’ll give my thoughts as they currently stand and we’ll see where it goes in the next installments.

I wish Andy had been better at moderating. He let the women go at it, and the constant talking over each other and yapping made it hard to follow and seem boring. Example: during the “ugly” discussion about Jill’s comment on Alex’s face, around four people are talking at once. Instead of giving Jill the side-eye, I wanted him to straight out say, “What did you mean, Jill? There are only so many ways that comment can be taken.” He looked like a kid caught between two parents fighting instead of a host doing his job.

Speaking of, Jill did herself no favors in this topic. She may not consider Alex a friend, but does she relentlessly mock every single  person she isn’t friends with? Her behavior with Alex ensures that no one will believe she has changed in regard to Bethenny, even though the situations are different.

Either she’s the world’s best actress or Ramona has changed – just look at her treatment of Alex the first two seasons and look at it now. Sure, she has relapses (see: Brooklyn Bridge) but she also apologizes for those moments openly. I really enjoyed watching Ramona this season, and will always think of her happily twirling on a pier, Pinot in hand. I’m glad Andy said the kiss wasn’t a big deal; she’d aimed for his cheek and missed because she had a case of the drunks, nothing more.

UGH. Kelly Killoren Krazytown’s biggest contribution to Hour One was bringing up Bethenny smearing her in the press again, and then refusing to discuss it. “What are you doing?” she asks, as if Bethenny has just sprouted wings. Listen fool, this is what a reunion is for. You address your actions and defend them if you can, apologize if you can’t. None of the above was possible for Kelly, so I’d simply like her off my television screen.

We get what will be the first of many forays into Jill vs. Bethenny. According to Bethenny, they were having a fight (“Get a hobby!” “Bobby had cancer!”) but when the cameras started rolling, Jill launched the Anti-B campaign. The footage shows this well enough. But Bethenny also says Jill tried to get others to stop filming with her. I have to go with Bethenny on this one, especially since it not only makes sense, but Alex and Ramona back her up. Jill tries to compare this with Bethenny not wanting to film with Kelly last season, which doesn’t quite have the same impact. No one should want to film with Kelly.

Bethenny makes a compelling case about not having a place for Jill in her life anymore, which only leads Jill to walk off the set crying. I hate it when they walk off. You’re an adult who voluntarily signed up for a reality TV show that has undoubtedly increased your fame, earnings, and worth. Just put on your big girl panties and get through filming.

You know what I would have done if I was a producer? I would have aired a montage of the most hypocritical moments of the women (Jill saying she didn’t talk about Bethenny cut with her playing the voicemail out loud, the St. John nuttiness cut with Kelly’s alternative version of events, etc.) and then have Andy turn to the ladies and say, “Well?”

Like any good reunion, I wanted to see the villains SCHOOLED. Like Atlanta’s “Close your legs to married men!” moment. That didn’t happen here, but we have two more hours to go.

Random Thoughts

  • Bethenny’s tears over baby Bryn and having it all: A-FREAKING-DORABLE.
  • Fluffing her dress and trying to sneak away for a glass of water? Not knowing her age? Ramona is a satchel of pure gold.
  • I need some Sonja!

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