10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 06.14.2010 feat. Response to NXT Attack and a New US Champion

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Hello again friends! After a long week of wrestling discussion, it’s time to see how WWE followed up the hottest angle in five years. If you want to see my thoughts on the Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) firing and opinions on why Fatal Four Way matches are terribly boring, check out itswilltime.wordpress.com tonight.

1. Strong choice to have the NXT Season one rookies start the show. They were the most talked about part of the show last week and the most important aspect of the show going into tonight. The “firing” of the rookies is an effective next step for the program.

2. Whenever I see R-Truth slap someone, I worry that they will get a concussion.

3. It looks like Miz’s push is back on with his US Championship win. They could be setting up a nice, long-term feud between John Morrison and The Miz with this one.

4. The Chris Jericho losing streak continues, but with no clear direction as to where it’s going. Why are they interviewing Randy Orton about the NXT attack, but not Wade Barrett’s pro, Chris Jericho?

5. And there goes a large amount of the momentum for the NXT angle. I know that they can bounce back, but when Santino and Mark Henry run you out of the building and into the street it makes you look a little less credible. John Cena had a nice promo, but I wanted to hear him discuss his Twitter post concerning Bryan Danielson and call for his rehiring on the air.

6. Sheamus’s reasoning as to why he would help his nemesis, John Cena, was short, sweet and effective. I think everyone was wondering why he would help, but saying his title shot was in jeopardy makes perfect sense.

BONUS THOUGHT: Did they five a reason as to why the main event was changed from Orton vs Sheamus to Orton and Cena vs Sheamus and Edge?

7. Why does Alicia Fox still enter to a terrible cover of a Nelly song? Couldn’t she get something better since she is a mainstay on the roster?

8. While I do think that Big Show is better suited for tag team action, I do not believe that he needs to be doing that tag teaming with Raw guest hosts.

FACETIOUS BONUS THOUGHT: Randy Orton to John Cena while strategizing: “Remember that time I tried to blow you up, well, ummm…. nothing personal, you know?”

9. What an adorable moment, The Great Khali saluted John Cena. Actually, scratch that, why did the roster salute Cena? It’s one thing to make sure the match happened as planned, but it’s another to be silly about locker room camaraderie.

10. Wow. Bret Hart needs to start avoiding the parking lot. Bad things happen to him there. I’m glad that the NXT Rookies were able to outsmart Bret Hart a little bit. They provided a nice hook for a pay per view that looks extraordinarily skippable.

So this week we had Bret Hart being attacked instead of John Cena and a demand for contracts. I would give the follow-up to the NXT Invasion angle a solid 6 out of 10. Please check back at Pulse for another edition of The People’s Column on Thursday and check out my blog, itswilltime.wordpress.com.

Will is a 23 year old graduate student at UC Irvine. He is going to school for Stage Management and has always been passionate about pro wrestling. He began writing "The People's Column" in 2009. In 2010 he started his own wrestling blog, which is growing at an alarming rate. He is married to a beautiful woman (pictured on his profile) who accompanies him to most wrestling events that he goes to. Will is thankful for everyone who reads and interacts with him on Pulse and on his blog.