Bachelorette 2010 Spoilers: Who Will Get Eliminated Tonight in the Fourth Episode; Who Will Get a Tattoo For Ali?

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This should be the episode that features an InStyle photo shoot for Ali in New York City. She will be on the cover of that magazine for the July issue, which will come out tomorrow.

There will one 1-on-1 date with Kasey. They will take a helicopter to go sight seeing around NY, and end their date at the Museum of Natural History. Kasey DOES’NT get a rose, but he is asked to stay. She needs more time to decide whether he stays or goes.

The group date will take place at the Lion King show on Broadway. Ali goes out with Jonathan, Kirk, Roberto, Craig, Ty, Jesse, and Frank. They all have to audition for her for a part in the play. Roberto and Ali even perform a scene together in the play, because he did the best job. No roses given on this date either.

Another 1-on-1 date will be with Chris Lambton. Ali’s favorite singer Joshua Radin and the Harlem Boys Choir surprises her with a private concert. Chris gets a rose after this date.

But while Chris is on his date, Kasey disappears. All season Kasey has said that he has wanted to “guard and protect Ali’s heart”. So what does Kasey do during this episode? He goes and gets a real tattoo of a shield with a heart and rose behind it put on his wrist. When Kasey returns to the house, he has his wrist in a bandage to cover it up. Justin calls him out, Kasey just says he burned himself, and another confrontation ensues.

Before rose the ceremony, Kasey shows the rest of the guys the tattoo but doesn’t show Ali. He ends up with a rose anyways.

During the rose ceremony eliminations, which takes place on the rooftop of the hotel they’re in, Jesse Beck and Jonathan Novack are eliminated.


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