Ellerbe: Team Mayweather Is Not In Negotiations For Pacquiao Bout

Quick, somebody inform Bob Arum and Team Pacquiao that they’ve dialed the wrong number and are not in negotiations with Team Mayweather after all.

They’ve obviously reached an impostor who has somehow conned them into thinking that they are dealing with Floyd’s representatives. I mean, what else could be the answer? Bob Arum has been releasing succulent insider tidbits about the ongoing negotiations between both camps for the last several weeks. Despite the “gag order” imposed on both parties, we’ve heard about hammered-out blood testing issues and offers from Abu Dhabi worth a camel for Arum and “gazillions” for the right to host the fight.

All of this must come as a surprise to Mayweather adviser and spokesman, Leonard Ellerbe, who has publicly stated that nobody has contacted him or anyone from Team Mayweather to even begin negotiations for a Pacquiao bout.

Speaking to David Mayo of the Grand Rapids Press, Ellerbe went on record as saying that there have been no talks taking place and that Mayweather is enjoying his time off after beating Shane Mosley via one-sided unanimous decision last month.

So, what’s the deal?

This is a “my word” vs. “his word” controversy and you can obviously choose the side you feel is more trustworthy, but take these facts into consideration:

*The first word of Pacquiao-Mayweather negotiations beginning came from Arum’s mouth.

*The “gag order” provision also came from Arum.

Hell, everything we’ve heard about these “negotiations” has come from Arum…

I would be on the fence regarding who to believe if Arum had not established a long history of lying about the progress and status of behind-the-scenes fight negotiations.

As mentioned here: “Let’s Stop Playing the Bob Arum Game ,” this concept of floating false rumors to the media to sabotage future negotiations and influence public opinion is nothing new to Arum’s repertoire.

So, until someone official from Team Mayweather actually acknowledges talks between both sides, I hope you join me in taking all the Arum talk with a huge grain of salt.


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