News On WWE All-Stars Video Game

WWE will release a new video game called WWE All-Stars in early 2011. It will be similar to the WWE Legends Of WrestleMania game, which disappointed in terms of sales. That game did not allow for the legends to play against current stars. This one will have 15 legends and 15 modern stars, although the roster is not yet known. The people who worked on the TNA Impact game are also working on this one. It will have a different look from the usual Smackdown vs Raw games, the latest of which will be out in the fall as per usual. The characters in this game will be more exaggerated, thicker and more ripped, like the depictions in the WWE comic book. It will be designed more like a beat ’em up game with faster movement, more potential move combos and quicker recovery times. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will be doing the announcing for it.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 14 June 2010 (subscribe here

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