MLB News: Earthquake Near San Diego Halts Padres vs Jays Game


Not quite as dramatic as the bay area quake during the World Series, but as Shawn Marcum put it, “That was pretty fun.”

The 5.7 magnitude earthquake was centered about 85 miles from San Diego, but was strong enough to make the stadium shake. The PA announcer asked the fans to remain calm as the stadium shook.

Some players didn’t notice the quake until after the game was over and they were told about it. Shawn Marcum was in the clubhouse after starting the game and heard the TV announcers talking about an earthquake as he saw the TV shake from side to side.

David Eckstein had just grounded out, the next hitter, Chase Headley noticed the quake and stayed out of the box for a few seconds before getting back in.

The Jays won the game 6-3.