NFL News: New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis Holdsout While Attending Minicamp


Is there anything he can’t do?

The Jets have been working with Revis on a new contract, Revis has not been happy with the progress and he took another step to put pressure on the team at minicamp. Revis removed himself from the last few plays of the morning practice “to let them know I can play or I can’t play.”

Revis told DB coach Dennis Thurman why he was removing himself, but the message never got to head coach Rex Ryan who was surprised when asked about it by a reporter.

Revis was displeased with the Jets latest contract offer because it contained no guarnteed money. Revis wants to be the highest paid cornerback in the league, currently Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha is the highest paid at $15.1 million per year. Revis was asked if he would be happy with $1 more than Asomugha. “It can be 50 cents more,” he said. “Just give me 50 cents more and we’ll be OK.”