The Real Housewives of New York City – Episode 3-16

Part 2 of the reunion saga infuriated me beyond belief! I’m so close to done with this show. Ughhhhhhh. Let’s get the gross stuff out of the way first.

Bullying is a very serious issue, particularly for young people. Kelly is an adult who voluntarily signed up for a reality show with women she doesn’t like, voluntarily went on a trip with women she doesn’t like, repeatedly provoked them, and then played a victim. I can’t believe she likened it to bukkying. It’s offensive and reprehensible. She doesn’t like it when facts are stated to her, when others question her decisions, so she labels it an attack.

It was never “4 against 1.” The footage repeatedly shows Sonja trying to help Kelly. Alex is never shown saying anything critical. Kelly was not ganged up on.

Andy insisted Kelly was not forced to go on the trip and she just kept repeating herself. It’s a laughable accusation on her part. She’s an adult, responsible for her own actions. No one packed her up and shipped her against her will. Jill and LuAnn didn’t go because they chose not to, Kelly had the same option. Can Andy just fire her and get on with it? She’s maligning his network with her crazy.

The episode hit fever pitch when Kelly went on a nonsensical diatribe about the dangers of bullying, how much she was bullied, how it’s happening right now, it’s a breakthrough and not a breakdown. She doesn’t want to be like “hiiiiiiiiiiii,” she called her agent to get off the hate boat, and they had an intervention with Bethenny, and it’s unbelievable that she gets to be so charitable, and she’s created a great life and loves living it.

Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to me either. My secret theory is that Andy insisted Kelly get to speak uninterrupted to make it clear that editing, the producers, and Bravo have nothing to do with Kelly’s portrayal. She’s psycho all on her own. Give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself.

Ramona was frothing at the mouth during Kelly’s rant and Bethenny looked like her head going to explode. Bethenny finally acknowledged the crazy, and Kelly Killoren Krazytown tottered off the set as B called her Humpty Dumpty. Awesome. As much as I know why Andy did what he did, I expect the next episode to begin with the other women’s own statements on what happened in the Caribbean. They deserve it after sitting through that mess.

I’m not sure what Jill and LuAnn are thinking during this time. They don’t say much in her defense, but what could they even say? I know the season split into two groups, but Jill and LuAnn might want to get off the sinking ship. Kelly’s loco.

Alex did warn Jill about Bethenny’s father and his medical issues. I went back and watched the episode (Andy didn’t have footage on hand, shame on him!) and she definitely did. Jill does herself no favors by being vicious to Alex and pretending these events didn’t happen.

In part #25790 of Zarin vs. Frankel, Alex and Bethenny accuse Jill of wanting to make amends only when the public’s opinion became clear. They had convincing points, and the timeline of events rings true. Jill responded by denying, admitting, ignoring, and then repeating, “I’m sorry!” over and over before threatening to walk away again.

Finally, after all this lunacy, we get our reward: SONJA T. MORGAN! Thank you Allah, Hogwarts, and that lion from Narnia.

She smiled joyously at all the Housewives, excitedly nodded along to viewer questions, and generally was her fabulous self. We needed her the entire reunion, and I hope she pipes up more in the next episode. Tonight she didn’t even bother to call out Kelly’s hypocrisy, took Jill’s mean comments in stride, and was a refreshing example of not letting sh*t get to you. I love, love, love her. And her outfit.

I’m looking forward to a lot in Part 3 of this bleeding mess reunion, most notably an explanation for “AL SHARPTON.” But for now, I need a brief rest before the final episode. Tonight made my head hurt, so ramotional!

Random Thoughts

  • Kelly is a conservative monogamist. More power to her! But to call others hobags? Accuse them of sleeping across America, having unprotected sex? That’s judgmental, and hypocritical for someone in Playboy. Those in glass houses…
  • Andy accurately restates Kelly’s meandering speech, to which she responds, “I didn’t say that.” HUH?
  • “Maybe she wanted to hear Bethenny’s voice.” Alright Kelly, zip it.
  • Nice of Bethenny to stop the attack on Jill. To her, Jill’s a real person who has been vilified. To me? Jill’s just a reality TV character that needs to get shut down.
  • Did anyone else catch Andy and B exchanging glances at “Kellade?” My secret theory is that they’re besties.

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