TNA Impact Spoilers for 6/17 with Ric Flair, Desmond Wolfe, Hulk Hogan, Jay Lethal

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Here’s the show (it might not air in this order):

Eric Bischoff announces The Band are stripped of their tag titles. The Motor City Machine Guns will face the winner of a four-team tournament at Victory Road.

Odds on it just being Team 3-D again? Anyone? Bueller?

Ink Ink defeat The Band in a Tournament Match.

Well, at least this match wasn’t on PPV this time.

Ric Flair announces “Fortune” as his new stable of AJ Styles, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money and Frankie Kazarian. Jay Lethal is out and he gets Wolfe later tonight.

They rip off everything else, why not do the Horsemen properly?

Doug Williams defeats Max Buck, then Brian Kendrick attacks and puts Williams in a rear naked choke.

I thought bad guys attacked good, not vice versa. Oh, TNA.

Samoa Joe defeated Hernandez with an exploder thanks to Matt Morgan distraction. Mogan attacked Hernandez post-match, but Joe chased him off.

TNA- note- you are not WWE. Don’t give away the few matches you have that people might one day want to pay for.

Angelina Love defeats Lacey Von Erich and promises to take out the rest of The Beautiful People.

Is this still going?

Beer Money defeated Team 3-D when Bubba was too busy fighting Ink Inc to pay attention tot he match.

Oh thank goodness. Maybe we’ll finally get 20 minutes of Beer Money vs. MCMG on PPV.

Jay Lethal defeats Desmond Wolfe with Chelsea. Wolfe and Flair attack post-match but Hulk Hogan makes the save and gives us Lethal vs. Flair at Victory Road. Tommy Dreamer watched from the stands.

So much wrong here. Chelsea turned on Wolfe at the PPV. The new stable loses already. Ancient Ric Flair wrestling again. New acquisition Tommy Dreamer doing nothing but sitting in the audience. You know it’s bad when even the spoilers are ugh.


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