WWE Smackdown Spoiler for 6/18 with CM Punk, Kane, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio

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CM Punk opens the show mocking that he made the Undertaker tap and how he’s injured. The lights go out and it’s Undertaker in the ring, but that turns out to just be Luke Gallows. Kane comes out, but he’s jumped by Gallows, Punk, The Masked Man, and Jack Swagger until Big Show and Rey Mysterio save.

A good twist on the opening segment that should really grab a ton of heat for Punk.

Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins defeat Christian and MVP, then beat down MVP post-match.

That’s a huge win for the Archer/Hawkins duo.

Rosa Mendes wants a match with LayCool who just mock her. Kaval is with LayCool.

LayCool need a different feud before they get stale.

Vickie Guerrero makes Dolph Ziggler her handyman.

That’s so random. What’s the point?

JTG defeats Chavo Guerrero.

Just a reminder, Cryme Tyme were over.

Drew McIntyre defeats Teddy Long in a drawn out segment that got lots of heat. Post-match, Kofi Kingston aided Long.

Drew is a bully and a coward- works for me.

Kelly Kelly defeats Layla.

A feud with Kelly can be handled differently because they’d have nothing to mock her over.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Chris Masters.

Why not? It keeps heat on Ziggler.

Rey Mysterio and Big Show defeat CM Punk and Jack Swagger. After the match, Kane chokeslams everyone.

A cliche way to set up the PPV. Kane has to be involved in the finish now.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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