Jim Ross Comments on Bryan Danielson WWE Firing having to do with Linda McMahon Senate Campaign


Here’s what he had to say at Jrsbarbq.com:

I’ve made it a point to not to dwell much on politics on this website. There are many reasons why but largely I find politics boorish and self serving. Partisan politicians are to be disdained because when their personal or their parties agendas come before the American people I find it reprehensible. In my eyes, many TV politicians are akin to certain TV preachers and , well, we all know how that’s worked out over the years.

Today a friend sent me a link to a wrestling website that posted a anonymous email saying that Daniel Bryan’s firing had something to do with Linda McMahon’s campaign for the Senate in Connecticut. More specifically this unknown, unidentified person even went so far as to say that Bryan’s termination was dictated by the someone of authority in the campaign. First of all, if you knew Vince McMahon as I do you would know immediately how ridiculous that theory was. McMahon taking orders from some outsider? Right.

I’ve heard some BS in my life and my share of conspiracy theories during my 4 decades in the wrestling business but this one ranks right up there with some of the stupidest theories I’ve ever heard.

I like Linda McMahon personally and feel she is a class act as she has always treated me professionally and with respect but if she had asked me, she didn’t BTW, I would have suggested to her to not walk but to sprint away from politics. I’m that down on the whole political scene and that world’s half truths, posturing for personal gain, party first agendas, and the can’t balance our own check book mentality of professional politicians. Granted Mrs. McMahon isn’t a professional politician of which I should clarify and furthermore I am not a registered voter in the state of Connecticut.

In all the years that I worked in the front office of WWE never once did Linda attend a booking meeting, discuss with me or my group who was being fired or hired or what was going to happen on TV. When she appeared on TV as a character on a fictional show, for the record, she played a role that was written for her. She was never overjoyed, as I recall, about being on TV in the first place much less when she had to kick me south of the belt line one faithful night in Corpus Christi. She did not like the assignment and neither did I but we both did our jobs as we were produced to do. It was show biz plain and simple.

My point in this blog is that Linda McMahon has zero to do with the day to day running of the WWE and the WWE being the public company that is it isn’t so stupid as to allow a political campaign to influence the hiring or firing of a wrestler, what happens in segment 11, or what’s booked on the next PPV.

Linda has been detached from WWE likely longer than most outsiders even know.

I’ve had plenty of personal issues with WWE, for the record I still think that I should be working on the air, and this blog likely won’t endear me to some of the higher ups but let me make this clear….Linda McMahon nor any of her campaign workers or staff have a damn thing to do with how the WWE operates from a business perspective and they never will.

The decisions that are made within the WWE are made in the best interest of a public company. End of story.

For someone to be ‘anonymous’ and to try and take a cowardly approach to why the mysterious termination of Daniel Bryan took place and to place the blame on a political campaign is simply insane. I have great respect for all fans and their opinions regarding the many complex facets of the business but this one has struck a chord that I felt compelled to address.

This anonymous tip business was just plain stupid and as comedian Ron White says, “You can’t cure stupid.”

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