Mark Romanek Returns With Never Let Me Go Trailer

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Mark Romanek, it’s good to have you back.

Fox Searchlight has released the trailer for Romanek’s adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s amazing novel Never Let Me Go — and boy does it look good.

The movie is based on the highly acclaimed novel from Ishiguro, the author of The Remains of the Day, and stars Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightly. Written by 28 Days Later screenwriter Alex Garland, the film follows a group of children as they grow up in an isolated bording school named Hailsham — preparing for a mysterious destiny that none of them can escape from.

Part romance, part coming-of-age with just a little science-fiction twist, the novel truly is one of the best books I have ever read and, judging by the film’s first trailer, it looks like Romanek did an incredible job adapting the novel’s tone and atmosphere.

Romanek began his career by directing some of the best music videos from the last three decades — including the videos for Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, Johnny Cash’s Hurt and Nine Inch Nails’ Closer. In 2002, he made the transition to the big screen with the wonderful Robin Williams movie, One Hour Photo. While he’s been attached to a few projects since then (most notably developing Universal’s recent remake of The Wolf Man right up until weeks before production began), Never Let Me Go will be Romanek’s second feature.

You can view the trailer in high definition over at Apple, but it’s also embedded below. Never Let Me Go arrives in theaters just in time for Oscar season on October 1st, 2010.

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