NCAA News: Reggie Bush To Support USC's Appeal


You probably should support them, it’s your fault they got the punishment in the first place.

Reggie Bush said the NCAA’s punishment of USC feels like “the closest thing to death without dying” and that he will fully support USC’s appeal of the sanctions.

“Because I have such a great love and respect for the University of Southern California, this has been one of the toughest things I’ve had to deal with in my life,” Bush said. “But at the same time whether it’s all true or all wrong or whether we’re guilty or not guilty, it’s still my responsibility and I have to accept that. And I have to deal with it as it is and try to manage it as best as I can.”

It’s not been decided yet whether or not Bush will lose his Heisman Trophy that he won during the time frame of which USC was forced to vacate wins.