One Year in Knoxville – May 30, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show and told us that we’d be seeing highlights of the Volunteer Slam. Dutch Mantell reminded us that today’s main event would see Buddy Landel face Tim Horner with five thousand dollars on the line.

From there we went to Les Thatcher and Phil Rainey at the Volunteer Slam. Thatcher mentioned that the heavyweight champion would be crowned that night. Thatcher added that Dutch Mantell and Mark Astin would be doing interviews throughout the night.

We went to Mantell and Astin in the locker rooms as they introduced themselves and then headed to commercial.

Caudle welcomed us back from commercial and then we headed immediately to the Slam.

Dixie Dynomite was squaring off with the Dirty White Boy. DWB had Dixie down and dropped an elbow. DWB hit one more and covered for a two count.

DWB went for a slam and Dixie got a small package for two. DWB punched Dixie and whipped him into the far corner. Dixie dodged a charge and DWB fell to the mat. Dixie kicked DWB and followed with a back elbow.

Dixie hit a chop and then a punch to stagger the DWB. DWB jabbed a thumb into Dixie’s eye and Dixie whipped DWB, then hit a superkick for two.

Dixie missed a dropkick and DWB hit the Bucksnort Blaster for the win.

Up next we joined Buddy Landel vs. Brian Lee. Landel was pounding on Lee when Lee started firing back. Landel got Lee in the corner and chopped him and hit an elbow for good measure.

Lee shrugged off a clothesline and picked Landel up before dropping him. Lee got Landel in the corner and climbed the turnbuckle for ten punches. Lee charged in at Landel and ate a boot. Lee whipped Landel again and hit a powerslam. Lee climbed to the top rope and Landel rolled out of the way of a knee drop.

Landel worked the leg and went for the figure four. He didn’t have it locked before Lee grabbed a small package and got the win.

From there it was Paul Orndorff vs. Tim Horner. Horner whipped Orndorff across the ring and followed him into the corner with a clothesline. Horner sent Orndorff’s head into the turnbuckle and whipped him into the corner. Orndorff caught Horner coming in with a back elbow.

Horner hooked Orndorff’s arms and got a two, then Orndorff punched him. Horner went for another small package for two. Orndorff tried to suplex Horner and Horner locked in a sleeper with two minutes to go in the match.

Horner held on as Orndorff collapsed to the mat. Orndorff grabbed the ropes to break the hold and then pulled Horner through the ropes to send him to the floor.

Orndorff followed and sent Horner into the commentary table. Horner blocked a second attempt and gave one to Orndorff.

Horner returned to the ring at one minute. Orndorff tangled Horner’s legs in the ropes and came through to cover Horner for the win.

Jimmy Golden vs. Robert Gibson closed the first round. Golden offered Gibson a handshake as we joined the action. The two locked up and Gibson took Golden into the corner where he started pounding on him.

The ref tried to get Gibson off him and Golden hit a chop block to Gibson’s knee.

We jumped ahead to see Golden working Gibson’s knee. Gibson regained his feet and dodged a clothesline before hitting his bulldog. Gibson covered to advance.

We headed back to Caudle and Mantell, who told us that the semi-finals would take place after the break.

We came back and headed to the second round of the tournament as Brian Lee faced the DWB. Lee attacked the DWB before the bell rang and caught him with a clothesline. A punch sent the DWB out of the ring to regroup and Lee followed. Lee sent DWB’s head into the commentary table and rolled him back into the ring.

Lee punched DWB and we jumped ahead to see Lee continuing to punch DWB down. DWB rolled out again and Lee followed again. Ron Wright cut Lee off and DWB took advantage of the distraction to attack.

DWB sent Lee’s head into the table and then into the ring post.

Back in the ring DWB was in firm control as he choked Lee in the ropes. DWB punched Lee again and then sent his head into the top turnbuckle. DWB hit a clothesline and dropped a forearm. DWB choked Lee and released him before five.

DWB started slugging away as we saw that Lee had been busted open. DWB pulled Lee up and kept punching. Lee made his way to the ropes to try and pull himself up, so DWB started choking Lee again.

DWB pulled Lee up and punched him into the corner. DWB whipped him and caught him in the far corner with a clothesline. DWB rolled him over and dropped an elbow, then covered for two.

Lee fought back up and DWB was back on him. DWB whipped him and hit a powerslam that earned a two.

DWB slugged Lee on the mat and pulled him up. DWB started slapping Lee and then choked him in the corner.

We jumped ahead to see Lee regain his feet and drive a shoulder into the DWB’s gut. DWB slugged Lee and sent him into the turnbuckle, but Lee was unaffected.

Lee got his second wind and started trading punches with the DWB. Lee got the best of the exchange and then put him down with a clothesline. Lee then put DWB down with a dropkick.

DWB caught Lee coming into the corner with a boot and slammed him. DWB climbed to the second turnbuckle and played to the crowd before going for a splash. Lee rolled out of the way and covered for the win.

After the match DWB attacked Lee before grabbing a chair. DWB cracked Lee in the back with the chair and then hit him in the throat with it.

From there we went to Mantell who was with the DWB. DWB called Lee’s win a fluke and promised to make sure that Lee wouldn’t win the tournament.

Next was Gibson vs. Orndorff. Gibson was in control as he rammed Orndorff’s head into the turnbuckle and followed with a clothesline. Orndorff reversed a whip and Gibson tried to reverse a hiptoss only for Orndorff to turn it into an armbar.

Gibson took Orndorff down and got a two before Orndorff got to the ropes. Gibson was favoring his knee as Orndorff hit a chop block. Orndorff rolled him up, grabbed a handful of tights, and got the win.

Caudle said that we’d see the finals after the commercial.

We came back to see Orndorff in the ring as Bob Armstrong announced that Lee was too injured to compete. Armstrong presented Orndorff with the title. Orndorff showed off to the crowd as Brian Lee made his way to the ring.

Lee said that he refused to listen to the doctor and told Orndorff he’d have to go through him to get the belt.

Armstrong reclaimed the title and the match was on.

Orndorff attacked Lee as soon as the bell sounded. Orndorff sent Lee into the turnbuckles and then dropped a knee.

We jumped ahead to see Orndorff throw Lee through the ropes. Orndorff grabbed a chair and nailed Lee in the head with it. Orndorff then sent him into the commentary table.

Lee blocked a second attempt and gave one to Orndorff. Orndorff slugged Lee and Lee fought back.

Lee threw Orndorff into the ring and hit a clothesline.

We jumped ahead again to see Orndorff throwing punches at Lee. Lee blocked a big punch and started fighting back. Orndorff went down and Lee picked him up.

Lee whipped Orndorff into the far corner and buried a kick in Orndorff’s stomach. Orndorff reversed another whip and both men clotheslined each other.

The ref started counting and Lee got a headlock on Orndorff. Orndorff whipped out of it and the two men cracked heads.

Orndorff blocked a punch and then tried to whip Lee. Orndorff caught the ref with an elbow and Bob Armstrong headed to the ring to check on the ref. Behind his back Orndorff went for a piledriver and Lee backdropped Orndorff.

DWB hit the ring and Lee sent him back out, but he dropped a pair of knucks. Lee dodged a punch and the two cracked heads again. Orndorff covered Lee and got a two from Armstrong.

Orndorff slipped the knucks on and Lee blocked another attempt. Both men fought over the knucks as Armstrong retrieved the knucks and DQ’d Orndorff to make Lee the champion.

After the match, Orndorff and the DWB attacked Lee. Armstrong blasted DWB with the knucks and the brawl was on. The locker room emptied and all the competitors in the tournament started brawling with each other.

Finally the rest of the locker room got Lee, Orndorff, and DWB separated.

We headed to the locker room where Mantell was with Orndorff. Mantell agreed that Orndorff had been cheated as Orndorff pointed out that Lee was the one who was bloody. Orndorff claimed there was a conspiracy against him and demanded a rematch before promising to piledrive Lee the next time they met.

Across the building, Astin was with Lee. Lee told DWB and Orndorff that they’d underestimated him and now it was time for them to pay.

After a commercial we went to the tag title match as the Heavenly Bodies faced the Party Patrol. Lane choked Davey and then played to the crowd. Lane picked him up and tagged Prichard. The Bodies hit a double clothesline and Prichard followed up with a suplex.

Prichard climbed the ropes and Davey dodged an elbow drop. Prichard tagged Lane as Johnny tagged in. Johnny fought off both Bodies and dropkicked Lane before knocking Prichard into the corner. Johnny got a full nelson as Prichard broke it up. Davey went after Prichard and sent him into the table.

In the ring, Lane had a pin that ended before the ref turned around. Cornette tripped Johnny and Lane dropped a leg for a two count. Johnny got a sleeper as Davey knocked Cornette off the apron. Prichard loaded his boot and put Lane on top of Johnny to retain the titles.

Astin was with the Party Patrol. Johnny talked about how they’d wanted to come back, then said he didn’t know why the Bodies had to cheat when they were such skilled wrestlers. Davey then joined Johnny in promising that they’d fight by the Bodies’ rules the next time they met.

We went back to Caudle and Mantell where Caudle told us that Bobby Fulton had sent in a taped interview. Mantell pointed out that the Fantastics had requested the match where Jackie had been injured by the Bodies and Caudle sent us to the interview.

Bobby brought up his history with Cornette and said that Horner, Lee, and Gibson had asked to be his tag partner. Bobby promised that when Jackie healed up that the Fantastics would be back and they’d make the Bodies pay.

Caudle then took us back to the end of the Mountain Mayhem battle royal.

Landel threw powder in Horner’s face and attacked Lee as Orndorff gave Danny Davis a piledriver. Lee pitched Barry Horowitz and the DWB pulled Lee out as Landel was pitched.

Landel slipped back into the ring as Davis was helped to the back and Horner pitched Orndorff before Landel sent Horner over the top for the win.

Horner then said that he could whip Landel any day before demanding to know what Armstrong would do.

Bob Armstrong said that the ref’s decision was final before making a match between the two for the prize money for today.

Landel said that Armstrong was crazy to think he’d put the money up when he’d beaten Horner fairly. Landel then said that he’d make Horner sorry he’d tangled with the Nature Boy.

We came back from commercial to find Landel in the ring. Horner charged the ring and attacked Landel before the bell. Horner hit a hiptoss and slammed Landel. Horner then hit a back elbow on Landel and covered for a two count.

Horner mounted Landel and started raining down punches. Horner sent Landel’s head into the top turnbuckle and hit a snapmare before going for a headlock that earned a two.

Horner hooked Landel and rammed his shoulder into Landel’s stomach in the corner. Landel caught Horner with a back elbow as he charged and Landel started kicking Horner.

Landel raked Horner’s eyes and choked him in the ropes. Landel chopped Horner and threw some punches before taking him down into an armbar. Landel hit a clothesline and covered for a two.

Landel hooked a front face lock and put his feet on the ropes for added leverage. Referee Mark Curtis finally caught Landel and broke the hold.

Landel slammed Horner’s face into the mat and Horner started slugging back. Landel hit a knee to the gut and Horner failed when he went for a rollup. He tried again and got the bridge for the win.

Landel attacked Horner from behind and sent his head into the ring post. Landel picked up a chair and cracked Horner with it. Landel sent Horner into the ring and stomped Horner’s bloody head.

Landel slammed Horner and dropped an elbow. Landel dropped another and shredded the check, then stuffed it into Horner’s mouth. Dixie Dynomite and Danny Davis led the charge to the ring and Landel cleared out as Caudle said goodbye for another week.

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