NFL News: League, Union Talking About Adding 2 Games

The two sides will meet Wednesday and adding 2 games will be one of the things discussed.

The 2 games would be added from the Pre-season which would shrink to 2 games, meaning teams would still play just 20 games a year before the playoffs.

The owners are really interested in the idea of having 2 more regular season games while the players are more hesitant because of the beating the players take during the season.

“I know our fans may not like preseason games, and I don’t like all of them,” said Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis. “But swapping two preseason games for two end-of-season games, when players already play hurt, comes at a huge cost for the player and the team.”

“Part of it is really providing more value to our fans,” Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy said. “The quality of our preseason has really deteriorated over time.”

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