Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Superstars 06.17.2010: Uso’s Debut, Kofi, Great Khali

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This week’s WWE Superstars features the debut of Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Mark Henry and Goldust. Also a look back at NXT Season 2 and NXT 7 filled Monday Night Raw. Plus a pretty good match with Kofi Kingston and Trent Barreta of the Dudebusters

1. Kofi Kingston vs Trent Barreta
– WWE Superstars starts off with the only Smackdown match of the night. Kofi is accompanied by his NXT Rookie Michael McGuilicutty and Trent with his Dudebuster partner Caylen Croft. Some good back and forth action to start but the announcers mostly talk about Michael and how he should be learning from the match. Caylen Croft interferes but Michael makes the save. This distracts the ref and Trent hits a leg drop on Kofi and we got to Commercial. Trent continues to have control after the break but he misses a splash into the ropes and Kofi is able to take advantage. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and the Trouble in Paradise for the win.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

NXT Recap is shown

Main Event for Superstars will be Jimmy and Jey Uso vs Goldust and Mark Henry

2. Yoshi Tatsu vs Primo
– Pretty fun match with some nice action. The announcers talk about how Primo is a 2nd Generation superstar. Primo wins with a rollup while holding the tights. Great Khali comes out and chases Primo back to the ring. Yoshi hits a kick and then Khali hits a chokeslam for good measure.
Winner: Primo

Video feature on Kane

Raw Rebound with a recap of the NXT brawl and Bret Hart car incident.

3. Mark Henry and Goldust vs Jimmy and Jey Uso
– This is the Uso’s first WWE match and it takes place on Superstars. Well that’s a little weird but ok. Uso’s are managed by Tamina and are the sons of Rikishi. First half of the match was pretty much all Uso’s beating up on Mark Henry while the announcers talked about the NXT angle. After a commercial break, Henry tags in Goldust who makes a comeback but it’s not enough as Tamina trips him and One of the Uso’s hit a Superfly Splash for the win.
Winners: Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Final thoughts: The First two matches were pretty good while the Uso’s were decent but you could tell they were nervous. Especially vs Mark Henry. Trent Barretta was real impressive vs Kofi and it’s a shame ECW still isn’t around for guys like the Dudebusters.