Spoiler Warnings: Fall Of The Black Canary In Birds Of Prey #2 By Gail Simone


The man that Dinah stopped last issue has died, and the media is placing the blame on her, accusing her of premeditating murder. Police move in to arrest her as the White Canary makes her getaway, leaving Dinah and the rest of the Birds to fight their way out through the police.

Dinah’s name continues to be dragged through the mud as they bring up that she is tied to Oliver Queen, a recently confessed murderer, and that Dinah is protecting the Penguin. From there, Dinah’s name is outed in the media, any secret identity being shattered. Her marriage to Ollie comes out, and then to top it off Sin is brought into things, as Dinah is publicly accused of abandoning the girl who was almost her daughter for being “inconvenient”.

Not a good day to be a Black Canary.

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