10 Thoughts On Superstars 06.17.2010 – Mark Henry, Goldust, Kofi Kingston

Tonight’s episode of WWE Superstars carried on the tradition of being a melting pot of talent. What used to be a creative program to watch has become repetitive, and a smidge random. The athletes did not disappoint, however, with Fatal Fourway a mere 72 hours away.

1. I’m glad they are upgrading to bigger stars, but they’re reusing Superstars so much, I sometimes wonder if I selected the correct episode from my DVR.

2. Shouldn’t they be doing better things with the intercontinental champion, instead of using him on Superstars matches with lower-card guys?

3. Striker and Grisham have some of the worst on-air banter.

4. Did creative pull names out of a hat for Mark Henry’s tag team partner? This might be the strangest team I’ve seen yet. Aside from Khali and Swoggle…but that’s a different story…

5. It’s safe to assume that, aside from appearing as a prop for a storyline earlier this week, Primo won’t get to return to Raw anytime soon.

6. Primo and Yoshi Tatsu were very impressive. They are not, however, very interesting.

7. What is the purpose of Khali’s appearance? How many other countries can we throw in? Where’s Finlay?!

8. WWE needs to stop showing the initial Rookie Invasion. It makes me miss Bryan Danielson even more!

9. We finally get to see the Usos in official action. How do you go from The Hart Dynasty to Mark Henry and Goldust?

10. This tag team match was very sloppy. The multiple pins looked like they hadn’t yet thought of their next move and most of the moves they did throw looked botched. Who knew Goldust would have to carry a match.

I’ll be back next week to experience the after-shock of Fatal Fourway. Until then, you can find me on Twitter! @KELLYFLOYDBRAND

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