NFL News: Roger Goodell Says NFL Doesn't Need 4 Preseason Games


We already knew the owners were behind the idea, this makes it more clear.

Goodell spoke to high school players at a football clinic in Queens and talked about the reports of decreasing the number of preseason games.

The league and the players union had negotiations yesterday on a new CBA, and number of games was one thing discussed. Owners would love 2 preseason games and 18 regular season games because of increased revenue. Players would love 2 preseason games but are weary of an 18 game regular season due to injury concerns.

Goodell said that changes in offseason training could prevent some injuries due to the longer season.

“Obviously there’s a lot of pressure from teammates and coaches,” Goodell said, “so I think we’re going to have to have some guidelines and restrictions on what can be done and can’t be done in the offseason.”

One thing that could be restricted are the “voluntary” workouts that are anything but.