WWE’s Jim Ross Comments on new NXT Class and Bret Hart’s Promos


On Jrsbarbq.com:

“Bret Hart’s promos are fine even if he did inadvertently say WWF instead of WWE on live TV. It’s called human error. That’s why I still screw up these blogs and I use spell check. Bret is an old school guy who speaks from his heart and via his guts. In today’s world of high tech TV it’s often times challenging for guys that learned one way of doing things to adapt to new trends. I will now go look in the mirror.”

No one from the NXT class has jumped out at me yet but I do think that the second NXT class has some nice prospects. It will all depend on how hard they work AWAY from WWE TV and what info they take back with them to FCW and what info that they discard.

I do wish that none of them wrestled in jewelry or glasses but that’s just an observation. Plus, I might put a moratorium on some guys getting another zillion tattoos unless the company goal is to have as many guys as possible with as many tattoos as possible so that they all resemble each other as much as possible. Yes, I am being somewhat facetious.

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.