10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 06.18.2010 – Christian/MVP, Chris Masters & More

1. The video before the opening titles was a good addition on this weeks show. The recapping of the Kane storyline was really intense and got you ready and excited for Smackdown to start.

2. The first segment with CM Punk and the imposter Undertaker aka Luke Gallows was really well put together and Punk put on a brilliant promo as per usual. However, I didn’t understand why it took to long to reveal that it wasn’t in fact ‘Taker. After barely 10 seconds even I worked out that wasn’t The Phenom, due to the very, very fake looking wig. Another small gripe I had about the segment was the fact that Punk said the word ‘vegetated’ far too many times.

3. Everybody taking out Kane was surprising yet I could understand why the SES, Swagger, Rey and Big Show all took part. It shows that they are scared of Kane and even though the former intercontinental champ did get beat down it kept the character looking strong.

4. I hate it when actual real tag teams loose to two people randomly put together as a tag team so it was great to see Archer and Hawkins pick up the win.

5. Christian and MVP should be doing something of actual worth – they could both easily be in the main event. But instead they are just dismissed in a tag match which didn’t count towards anything for them.

6. I have never seen so much build up for a match that nobody cares about – for the Drew/Teddy match. I wish they could put that much hype into the matches people want to see.

7. It was nice to see the usually unused talent on Smackdown this week. Chris Masters put on a really good match with Dolph Ziggler. I just wish they would give Masters a chance – perhaps send him on a title hunt, rather then being used in comedy angles or loosing all the time.

8. The JTG/Chavo match was the usual squash. I don’t understand the logic behind WWE of splitting Cryme Tyme up just to send Shad to FCW. Surely he could learn more by being on the road and getting TV time. But WWE just love to split up their tag teams for no reason at all.

9. Why are we still seeing Drew and Matt Hardy feud? We’ve all ready seen the pay off to this storyline on the viewers choice RAW – move on to something new please.

10. WOW! A security team in wrestling that actually did their job. This never ever happens – they always get beaten all over so it was surprising to seem them actually do something for once.

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