Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 Report; John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Sheamus

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Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Fatal 4-Way Report

Live from Long Island, NY
Announcers: Michael Cole, Matt Striker & Jerry Lawler
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

The show starts with with Mr. McMahon. He informs us that due to the brutal attack on Raw, Bret Hart will not be here tonight. He said that there is no set timetable for Bret’s return. As he is leaving the stage, Drew McIntyre’s music plays. Drew comes out and they have an exchange of words before Drew makes his way to the ring.

Drew gets in the ring and calls out Teddy Long. He tells Teddy to sit at the scoring table, and when he wins the IC title back tonight, he wants Teddy to give him the belt.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Drew McIntyre – Intercontinental Championship
Kofi starts out fast and furious on Drew. Quickly tosses Drew to the outside, and then with a Suicide Dive (utoh, that’s Benoit’s move, I guess this will be the last night we see Kofi). As Kofi is getting back in the ring, Drew takes out his legs, and he falls hard on the apron. Drew takes complete control, slows down the match and keeps Kofi grounded. After about 5 mins of ground and pound, Kofi fires up, rolls up Drew for 2, springboard lateral press for 2. Drew blocks a clothesline, and hits a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for 2. Kofi back, lays out Drew, hits the Boom Drop, then goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Drew backs off. Kofi charges, and Drew back body drops him on the apron. He pulls Kofi back in, then goes for the Future Shock DDT, but Kofi fights out, sends Drew to the corner, and he leaps up for his 10-punch count, but Drew grabs him and hits a Running Powerbomb for 2. Drew looks for the Future Shock again, but Kofi turns it into the SOS, but only gets 2. Kofi has an odd leg lock on Drew while bracing on the corner. Drew fights out, and he tosses Kofi’s legs into the ref, knocking him out. Drew hits the Future Shock DDT, but the ref is out. Drew takes the shirt off of the ref, and gives it to Teddy Long, telling him to make the pinfall. As Teddy starts the count, he pulls back before the 3 count. Drew gets in Teddy’s face, and tells him to make the pinfall. Matt Hardy comes through the crowd, hits Drew with the Twist of Fate, and Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise, and Teddy counts the fall.
Winner and Still Champion – Kofi Kingston

Savannah is with The Hart Dynasty. They have a 6-person tag match with the Uso’s. They said that it has been a rough week with Bret getting attacked, but they will beat the Uso’s tonight in his honor.

Eve (c) vs. Maryse vs. Alicia Fox vs. Gail Kim – Fatal 4Way Match – Diva’s Championship
The whole match was a sloppy mess. We see Alicia and Maryse team up, only for them to fall apart. Gail with a few quick moves, but in the end Eve hits Maryse with a top rope moonsault, but Alicia tosses her to the floor, and scores the pin.
Winner & New Champion – Alicia Fox

Mysterio is getting ready backstage. Show comes in and tells him that he will do what it takes to win, even knocking him out.

Chris Jericho comes out, and he starts talking about how he is embarrassed by what Bourne did to him on Monday, and he challenged Bourne to a match to redeem himself.

Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne
I’m not sure I like these unannounced matches. I mean, I like that we get to see Jericho & Bourne, but wouldn’t it be better to announce that the match is happening? Bourne goes for his knee press, but Jericho turns it into the Walls! Bourne gets to the ropes. Bourne hits the knee press off the top rope, and got a 2-count. Bourne then goes for the SSP, but Jericho moves, Bourne lands on his feet, and Jericho hits the Codebreaker, but only a 2 when Bourne gets his feet on the ropes. Bourne reverses a suplex, then goes for a SSP again, but Jericho crotches him. Jericho goes for a Superplex, but Bourne knocks him off, and hits the SSP for the win.
Winner – Evan Bourne

Recap of Kane stalking all the men in the SD 4-Way.

Jack Swagger (c) vs, Big Show vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio – Fatal 4Way Match – World Heavyweight Championship
Punk told Gallows & Serena to stay in the back. Show dominated the first few minutes of the match. They then triple team him, and send him to the floor. Swagger hits a German Suplex on both Punk & Mysterio. Mysterio then with a 619 to Punk, but when he goes for the springboard, Show pulls him to the floor, then slams him on the announce table. Show then clears the ring of Swagger & Punk. He goes out after Punk, but Mysterio dropkicks the ringsteps into him, then 619’s Show around the post. In the ring, Punk hits Swagger with the GTS, but then Kane’s music hits. Kane rolls a casket to the ringside area. Kane gets in the ring, and targets Punk, saying that he is the one that took out the Undertaker. He takes Punk to the floor, and choke slams him into the casket. Gallows comes out and boots Kane in the face, then runs off with Punk. In the ring, Show is still on the floor, Mysterio hits the 619 on Swagger, then the springboard splash for the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Rey Mysterio

Cena is with Matthews. He says that the Raw lockerroom has an unspoken agreement on what to do with the NXT rookies. He then says that he isn’t going to the ring to lose tonight, and whoever wins will have to earn it.

Miz makes his way down, and he cues up Truth’s entrance song and makes his own lyrics.

The Miz (c) vs. R-Truth – WWE United States Championship
Back and forth start. There is a “Miz is Awesome” chant, but Cole tries to turn it into a “Miz is Awful”. Truth sends Miz to the floor, and follows, and sends him back in. As Truth is getting back in the ring, Miz shoves him off, and Truth hits his head on the wall. Ref gets to a 9 count, but Truth finally gets back in, and is propped up in the corner, allowing Miz to hit his feet-first clothesline. Miz locks on a leg scissors, but Truth fights out, only to get a knee to the gut. Miz continues to work over the abdominal area on Truth. Miz attempts a Superplex, but Truth fights him off, and hits a missile drop kick. Both men are down, Miz up first, but Truth hits a Flatliner, and follows it with the Suplex into the Stunner for 2. Miz hits the Reality Check for 2. Truth in the corner, and Miz charges, but misses, and is hung up on the ropes, and Truth drop kicks him for 2. Miz tries to toss Truth to the floor, but he lands on the apron, and goes to the top. Miz goes up to met him, and Truth shoves him off, misses the Crossbody from the top. Miz goes to attack, but Truth rolls him up for 2. Truth off the ropes, he goes for the wheelbarrow roll-up, but Miz sits down on it, and pins Truth for the win.
Winner and Still Champion – The Miz

Edge with Grisham. Edge says that Sheamus shouldn’t be in the match, and doesn’t belong in the same sentence as the other 3.

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Uso Brothers & Tamina
Winners – The Hart Dynasty
Tamina & Natalya start. Nattie gets the edge, and Tam quickly tags in Jey. Nattie is forced to tag out, and DH is in. Jey & DH go back and forth a bit, but DH gets the edge with a body-to-body suplex, and Kidd is tagged in. They put Jey in the Tree of Woe, and DH whips Kidd into a drop kick into Jey. Jey finally gets to Jimmy, who tosses Kidd to the floor. Jimmy looks to fly over the top, but Kidd kicks him in the head. Jimmy tries again, but Kidd opens the ropes, sending Jimmy to the floor. Kidd tries a Tornado DDT on the floor, but Jimmy catches him and Samoan Drops him into the retaining wall. Jey is tagged in, brings Kidd into the ring, and now the Uso’s to back and forth working over Kidd. Jimmy hits a butt thump on Kidd in the corner (Striker says ‘shades of Rikishi’). Jimmy tries for another one, and Kidd starts to makes his way to the corner. Jimmy gets to Jey, and Jey knocks DH off the apron, but Kidd tags in Natalya, so Tamina has to come in. Nattie with a series of suplexes, then the Michanoku Driver for 2. Kidd hits a Springboard Dive on the Uso’s on the floor. Nattie goes for a discus punch, but Tam ducks it, hits a Samoan Drop for 2. Tam goes to the top for the Superfly Splash, but Nattie misses, hits the discus punch, and scores the pin.
Winners – The Hart Dynasty

Recap of the past few weeks heading into the Raw Fatal 4-Way.

John Cena (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge – Fatal 4-Way Match – WWE Championship
Orton & Cena dump Edge & Sheamus to the floor quickly. They go nose to nose, and Cena goes for a quick FU, Orton slides out, goes for the RKO, but Cena shoves off, and Edge pulls Orton to the floor, and Sheamus attacks Cena from behind. Edge now comes in, and they double team him. They hit a double clothesline, and while Sheamus is posing, Edge tries to roll him up for 2. Orton in, and now Edge and Sheamus double team him. Orton gains control, and tosses both to the floor. Cena climbs his way up the apron, and Orton suplexes him back in the ring. Lots of “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” chants tonight…good ole New York. Sheamus tosses Orton to the floor, goes for the Celtic Edge on Cena, but Edge comes in and lines up for a spear, but Sheamus moves, dropping Cena. Orton back in, and he hits a double Viper DDT (using the ropes) on Sheamus and Cena. Edge back in, going for another spear, and again Orton dodges it. Orton and Sheamus fall to the floor, and Cena locks on the STFU on Edge. Edge is close to tapping out, but Sheamus makes the save. Orton, Sheamus and Edge are on the floor. Orton tosses Sheamus over the announce table, and then Edge spears Orton against the wall, hitting his head at the same time. They then show DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne & R-Truth watching the match backstage, and then the NXT 7 come roaring through, taking out all 4, then making their way to the ring. They destroy Cena in the ring, and then attack Orton & Edge on outside. Sheamus then sneaks in, and scores the pin on Cena!
Winner and New Champion – Sheamus

Sheamus grabs his belt and runs into the crowd, while the NXT 7 continue to destroy them. Sheamus gets on the ramp and holds up his title, and the NXT 7 run after him. They then exit the PPV at 10:34pm EST…

Show Over.

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