10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 06.21.2010 – Vince, John Cena vs. Sheamus, the NXT Seven & a Mystery GM

We’ve got no guest host, an anonymous GM, a title shot, seven new hires and lots of bizarre male/female pairings. Oh, and 10 THOUGHTS on Raw…

1 – So Vince McMahon fires Bret Hart – blaming him for the Fatal 4-Way chaos – and hires a new, anonymous General Manager of Raw – one who issues decisions via Michael Cole’s laptop? The first decision: hiring the “NXT Seven.” Here’s to hoping the new GM is someone fun like Jericho, “surprising” like Daniel Bryan or … well, anyone BUT Vince.

2 – I liked Sheamus’ fake giving up of the title, but don’t understand why the man who was so bold about beating HHH is showing fear/worry when the new GM books a Cena/Sheamus title bout (with Vince as special guest ref). I’d rather he be a killer than a typical scared heel.

3 – Chris Jericho, putting his career on the line if he doesn’t beat Evan Bourne? Way to build up that stip, eh? I was actually thinking he’d lose, since that was the least logical ending to the match (with the DVD coming out soon, etc.). That said, I loved this match and want to see a best of 15 series between these two.

4 – First Bret Hart fired, now Virgil? What will Chantal write about? Oh yes, I remember now…

5 – Oh Nattie Neidhart, your debut Raw wrestling match was ruined by the NXT crew. Nice to see the Harts rallying behind their uncle, at least. Also glad to see Otunga “resorting to normal” and to see them all apologizing while getting booed out of the arena. The NXT Seven, or Nexus, or whatever they’ll be called (but never the Radicalz, especially if they want to get rid of any Benoit thoughts), were great here, capped off by Wade Barrett’s WWE title challenge. (Oh and “I remember when I was on NXT, people used to call me ‘the black John Cena’” made Raw worth the two-plus hours on its own.)

6 – Zack Ryder a “suitable replacement” for Ted DiBiase? I actually wouldn’t mind the former Major brother if he’d cover up his left thigh.

7 – I’m not a Cena hater or lover, but do think something’s off with his character. Why, for example, was he so lighthearted in the opening segment, the day after he LOST his title, the most important thing in the company, but then super-serious after the NXT Seven apologized to him? I understand that in the grand scheme of things, getting stretchered out of the arena is worse than losing a title, but I’d think he would be seriously upset about both. That said, I liked his backstage interview with Mathews, and would rather see him channel that part of his persona more.

8 – Alicia Fox has come a long way from Edge and Vicky’s wedding planner to Divas Champion, but she’s picking PRIMO as her associate? Nothing against Mr. Colon, but unless WWE thinks he’ll get a rub off of her (who wouldn’t want that?), I think she’d prefer to hang out with one of the other champions, be it Sheamus, Miz or even DiBiase & his million dollar belt.

9 – Great promo from Randy Orton, and surprising interruption by The Miz. Wasn’t expecting these two to feud, but I like it. Also: anyone up for fact-checking whether or not someone’s ever held the U.S. and WWE Championship simultaneously? (And if not, if they did in WCW?) Oh wait, nevermind. Back to Edge/Orton.

10 – Is it bad that I watched the title match main event waiting for the NXT Seven to show up? I mean what’s it say about me that I can’t take a heel stable at their word that they were truly sorry for what they did? Well, I guess I was right, and Cena once again got punked out. Too bad Sheamus ran away, but I guess they were saving the beat-down on him and instead chose to go the route of Vince simultaneously trying to take credit for it all, while ignoring the “Daniel Bryan” chants and trying to talk his way out of an asskicking. He sold the beating great, though, I give him that. (And kudos to Justin Gabriel for sticking the splash perfectly without injuring the boss, and the camera man for delivering his lines like a pro.)

Stick around all week for 10 Thoughts on ROH, NXT, Superstars, Impact, Smackdown and of course, Will’s return to Raw in less than seven days. Leave your comments below!

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