Leverage ā€“ Episodes 3-1 & 3-2 Review

Leverage got off to a great return last night with two new episodes, “The Jailhouse Job” and “The Reunion Job.” As a special treat, we’ll also get two brand new episodes next week to satiate our urge for more fun capers. Last season ended with Nate shot and arrested as he allowed allowed everyone else to get away safely. The third season starts some time later; Nate has no gunshot wound and he’s in jail.

The team, of course, wants Nate to free and plans a great job at the courthouse–except Nate doesn’t want to come, wanting to pay for his crimes. Nate isn’t a career criminal like the rest of them, so he’d probably be the most willing to follow the law. As Sophie hilariously tells him “What kind of world would it be if everyone who committed a silly little crime went to prison, huh? Complete madness!”

Still, the main draw for Nate committing crime has always been helping people and once he finds Billy Epping, a man who saw a little too much and is now targeted, Nate is back into the game. Everyone contributes to a fun con where they get the warden, Adam Worth, arrested as an accomplice of Nate. Billy is safe, so everyone is happy.

Along with the solid con, an interesting subplot for the season came up. A mysterious woman not affiliate with law enforcement played by Elisabetta Canalis was helping Nate get out of jail. The purpose, she tells Nate at the end of the episode, is so Nate and his team can go after Moreau, a financier of every badass criminal out there. And if they don’t bring him down, they’re dead.

The second episode of the night was “The Reunion Job” and right off the bat I was confused about the premise. The team is trying to take down Manticore, the program Iran uses to track dissidents inside its own borders. So why would Iran house both the software and hardware for Manticore in the United States with a private corporation? That makes absolutely no sense.

But the Iran stuff wasn’t the main point, so I’ll give a pass on that glaring plot hole. More importantly, Sophie and Nate posed as former classmates of Larry Duberman, the guy in charge of Manticore, and fooled him for the entire episode. The con orchestrated to gain access to Duberman’s computer, a relic of the 80’s and uncrackable by Hardison.

Moreau didn’t come up in the second episode, so we didn’t get a taste of how the team would approach him, but there were plenty of thrills and funny moments to keep me immensely satisfied. There are 14 episodes left in the season and plenty more great cons left ahead!

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