NCAA News: Texas Representative Joe Barton Thinks BCS Is Dying


Barton looked at all the realignment talk as a sign that the BCS is on it’s way out.

Barton has never been a big fan of the BCS, he has even introduced legislation that would make the BCS illegal.

“The reason the Big 12 stayed together is the commissioner was able to put together a deal that enabled Texas and Texas A&M to go from about $8 million-$12 million a year to around $20 million a year” apiece, Barton said. “I don’t really have a dog in the hunt as to how the conferences ought to be aligned. But I do think this moves us toward a playoff because we now know where the money is.”

If the “Super-Confrences” would have formed like many thought, it most likely would have lead to a playoff between the winners of the confrences and that would have been the end of the BCS.