This Week in ‘E – The John Cena and Daniel Bryan Variety Hour

Fallout from Bryan Danielson’s release, the Fatal 4 Way pay per view and that’s about it actually…

Opening Witty Banter
Well we followed last week (which was one of the biggest news weeks in a long, long time) with a week where virtually nothing happened; just a lot of aftershock from one Mr. Danielson’s sudden release. In other news, by all accounts I’ve read ROH Death Before Dishonor VIII was pretty much a fantastic show from top-to-bottom with the final three matches all being match of the year candidates. Remember when ROH used to do shows like that all the time? I’m sure my esteemed colleague Glazer does.

Let’s take some ‘E…

The News of the Week
John Cena was interviewed recently by Tom Herrera of and was asked directly whether the release of Bryan Danielson was legit.

“Well, the release is legitimate. It was something that I don’t understand. It’s something that a lot of people are upset about. This is one of those things where … you know, WWE is a business, and they chose to make a business decision. I think what is right for the WWE Universe to do is show that they have a bit of power. If they really feel so strongly about this subject — the consumer has the largest voice here, and if they were really serious they should organize their efforts and put forth some body of work. I’ve even signed petitions to reinstate Bryan Danielson.”

Also last week Cena kept the fires burning by talking about Bryan on the Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM Radio.

“It stands where it is. I believe Bryan was given his release, and this is just my belief, it’s complete speculation so basically you’re going off my secondhand knowledge, it’s something to do with violating our PG content agreement which is very serious… It was tough for us to get that [TV-PG] logo in the beginning. For us to violate that content agreement, we get in trouble with our TV providers, we get in trouble with our sponsors, it pretty much is not good business. I think that is the reason upon the Bryan Danielson release but on the same token, for a young man such as him to make an impact on the WWE Universe in that short a time, it says something about who he is as a person and where he belongs amongst our group.

“I agree with a lot of folks who think the penalty might have been a little too severe but the best advice I can give everybody… the WWE is a business. That’s why I was one of the names on that petition… But if the fans collectively want this young man back in the company, the only way to do that is the power is within the ticket buyers. If the ticket buyers come out by the fifty thousands, by the hundred thousands and say, listen, we want this young man back, we think he has something to offer, we’re a company that worries about the bottom line.

“As far as a fix to the situation, who knows what a fix is gonna be, but I’d put the power in the hands of the consumer. That’s why I was one of the first to sign that petition because I think if you show strong enough belief… it would be very, very difficult for WWE as a business entity to ignore the fact that Daniel Bryan will be able to generate revenue.”

Work or no work, Bryan Danielson will be back in WWE within the 90 days of his firing. This is looking more and more like the Hardy-Edge-Lita thing from five years ago.

After the Fatal 4 Way PPV went off the air (incredibly early), John Cena took the house mic and addressed the crowd. Cena said that it appears there is a very black cloud shadowing over The WWE.

Cena said he will go home angry and upset, not because Sheamus is the champion because titles come and go. He’s angry that the company and universe he fights for have been taken over on television and now a PPV. He said they think they can do whatever they want. He said he’s still here and so are the fans.

Cena said there are fans here who have strong opinions on his ability to wrestle. He said all the noise is the noise everyone in the company have fought for over the years. He said that no matter what you think of him, he can fight. He promised to take on all seven each week until every single one of them fall.

Cena said he believes in WWE and all the stars who have earned the right to be here and he will not have that taken away. He said he will stay and fight and tomorrow is another day to fight. He said he prays those sons of bitches show up tomorrow, threw down the mic and left.

OMG! He said “sons of bitches!” TV-PG is dead! Long live teh Attitude era!

WWE has applied for a trademark for the name The Nexus.

The rumor is that this could be used as the name for the NXT kids. They need something to unify them instead of King and Cole trying go get random nicknames for them on TV.

You know what, being it’s the all-Bryan Danielson episode of This Week in ‘E, here is independent wrestling schedule he’s already set up for himself.

June 26: Detroit, MI – CHIKARA
June 27: Cleveland, Ohio – AIW
July 3: Germany – WXW
July 4: Germany – WXW
July 23: Union City, NJ – EVOLVE
July 24: Philadelphia, PA – Dragon Gate USA
July 30: Reseda, CA – Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

The June 27 show for AIW will see him face the winner of the Johnny Gargano vs. Sterling James Keenan vs. Facade vs. Tommy Mercer match at the end of the night, which will be for the AIW Title. In CHIKARA he will meet Eddie Kingston.

So it looks like he is perhaps drawing his line in the independent wrestling sand and working with his old buddy Gabe as opposed to heading back to the place he made famous, Ring of Honor. But who knows, there’s still time before that 90 days is up.

Hey look! News that doesn’t involve Daniel Bryan or John Cena!

RAW will be going old school this summer by doing some double tapings of RAW to accommodate the company’s upcoming crazy rash of international tours coming.
The July 26th and August 2nd episodes will be taped on July 26th in San Antonio.
The August 16th and August 23rd episodes will be taped on August 16th in a yet to be announced location.
The September 20th and September 27th episodes will be taped on September 20th in Indianapolis.

There’s something about watching RAW live without spoilers that makes it so much more fun than watching any other wrestling TV show. But you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

Batista was in attendance at this past week’s Strikeforce: Los Angeles event, and spoke with Dave Meltzer about leaving WWE. He stated that he left the company because he was unhappy with the direction the company was going, and that it wasn’t the wrestling that he enjoyed. He also noted that he did not see himself going back anytime soon, but he did not rule it out. Batista said that he was in LA looking for work, and that he was unemployed.

Eh…I can’t say I’ve missed the big lug. But here’s hoping he finds what he’s looking for as at his age and with his injury proneness there’s no way he’d make it in competitive MMA. But maybe he could do a freak show fight against Hershel Walker or something…

Dusty Rhodes announced that he, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust will battle Curt Hawkins, Trent Barreta, and Caylen Croft in a six man tag match at the July 9 FCW show in Kissimmee, FL.

Dusty back in his old stomping grounds of Florida should be fun for long time friends. I hope the Dudebusters get their foreheads ready for some flip, flop and fly big elbows.

Zack Ryder suffered a concussion last week on RAW during the fatal four way match for the US title. The injury happened when John Morrison sunset flip powerbombed him onto The Miz.

That was a bad ass crazy match in that they were just dumping each other wildly with reckless abandon. Ryder worked last night at the PPV so I guess he’s all better.

Wrestler of the Week
Week of June 14 – 20: Sheamus
There were a lot of big winners at last night’s pay per view but for my money I’ve got to give the nod to the new WWE Champion Sheamus. While I honestly didn’t expect Swagger or Cena to lose their belts last night, Sheamus’ victory was a far bigger surprise for me. Winning the WWE Championship a second time now proves that he has “made it” and won’t be a one and done punchline like Van Dam or Kane. But what I’m most excited for (and I know my other esteemed Andy Wheeler is too) is the Championship promos Sheamus can now give. Turn those bad boys into a drinking game and take a shot after every “fella” and you won’t make it out alive.

RAW’s On Tonight!
Yeah so there isn’t a guest host lined up for RAW tonight. That’s kind of weird but wildly refreshing. Here’s hoping that trend continues in the future. Plus Bret Hart is out of commission as well so there’ll be no GM in the house either. Tonight’s show will feature plenty of fall out from last night’s Fatal 4 Way pay per view. Sheamus walked out of the PPV as new WWE Champion thanks to those pesky NXT kids. John Cena will be looking for revenge against all of them I’m sure. Evan Bourne got the biggest win of his career with pay per view pinfall over Chris Jericho so here’s hoping Bourne’s momentum continues tonight. Plus The Harts-Usos rivalry seems to be far from over and Alicia Fox came out as the new Divas Champion, which could provide freshish matches for the ladies. All this and much more on the longest running weekly variety soap opera action adventure sports entertainment comedy show in history.

On Last Week’s Episode…
Shayne and Chantel watch SmackDown so you don’t have to…unless you want to. That’s cool if you do.

Evans and Kelly double team Superstars like a well oiled tag team machine from the ‘80s.

Ivan brings the noise for NXT. Did anyone else catch the throwaway line about Hennig taking that awful last name as an homage to his mom’s maiden name? Terrible fucking name regardless, at least there was an attempt. Husky Harris is growing on me too. I hate his name too but who’s to say that isn’t his first name and he’ really “Husky” Harris Rotunda or Windham? He’s got a goofy charisma and he reminds of both his dad and his grandpa. I’m trying to be positive…

RAW was definitely lacking after last week’s hot episode and the conspicuous absence of one D. Bryan. Marshall, Pruett and Wheeler have you covered. I’m also kind of with Ivan in how that I’m just sort of numb to WWE right now. I wasn’t a flag bearing Bryan mark either but his release just put a big stain on all the good will they built up last week. And like so many feared, by week two the NXT invasion storyline turned into a standard anti-authority heel stable storyline. I do love how vehicular assault is a-okay but a tie around is off limits. It’s like a punchline from WCW in its strictest standards & practices days.

How They Rated
SmackDown! (6.4.10) – 1.8

Superstars (6.10.10) – .8

A.M. RAW (6.13.10) – .63

RAW (6.14.10) – 3.42

NXT (6.5.10) – .89

This is Boring, What Else is There to Read?
Glazer continues to bring the awesomeness with his Tuesday Morning Backlash, even if the bastard took me to task last week.

David B. is back with another great episode of Smokey Mountain Wrestling. It’s just…so southern…

Ditch continues to just completely rule with his pure coverage.

Hey look! We got a new TNA guy! I hope he sticks around.

In Case You Didn’t Spend the $40
Tonight World Wrestling Entertainment presented the first annual Fatal 4 Way pay per view live from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. PK and Biscuiti bring the exclusive coverage for Pulse.

Here are the results:

In the dark match before the pay per view went live on the air, Zack Ryder beat Montel Vontavious Porter.

Vince McMahon opened the pay per view by announcing that RAW General Manager Bret “Hit Man” Hart is not here due to the vehicular assault perpetrated on him by the NXT season one Rookies last Monday on RAW.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston beat Drew McIntyre to retain the Championship. During the match the referee was knocked out and McIntyre forced SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long, who was at ringside, to act as the official. Matt Hardy then interfered and hit McIntyre with a Twist of Fate, allowing Kingston to hit Trouble in Paradise and get the pinfall.

Alicia Fox beat WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres, Maryse and Gail Kim in a fatal four-way match to win the Divas Championship. Torres hit Maryse with a Moonsault but Fox tossed Torres out of the ring and took the pinfall herself.

Evan Bourne pinned Chris Jericho after a Shooting Star Press.

Rey Mysterio beat World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, The Big Show and CM Punk in a fatal four-way match to win the World Champion. Mysterio pinned Swagger after a 6-1-9 and a splash.

WWE United States Champion The Miz pinned R-Truth to retain his Title.

The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart) beat Tamina and Jimmy & Jey Uso in a six-person tag match. Natalya pinned Tamina after a lariat.

In the main event, Sheamus beat WWE Champion John Cena, Edge and Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship. During the match the NXT season one Rookies attacked the roster backstage. The Rookies then stormed the ring and attacked Cena and Edge. During the chaos Sheamus pinned Cena to win the Championship. Post-match The Rookies chase Sheamus backstage as Orton, Edge and Cena are left lying mid-ring.

Roundtable Results for WWE Fatal 4 Way
The gang got together and compiled a roundtable for Fatal 4 Way. Here’s how it went.

Co-Champions: Matthew Michaels: 3-2 (199-180) and Kyle Sparks: 3-2 (9-5)

The rest: Ben Morse: 2-3 (34-23)
Raffi Shamir: 2-3 (148-128)
Andrew Wheeler: 2-3 (195-120)
Steven Gepp: 1-4 (46-64)

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